Panoply netCDF, HDF and GRIB Data Viewer

Version 2.x History

The current version of Panoply is 4.11.1, released 2020-02-28.

Version 2.9.4: Released 2010-06-30.

  • Try to check for multiple simple lon-lat grids in a dataset, even if it violates convention.
  • Added "Export as labeled text" option for source variables.
  • Caching directory (if necessary; e.g., when creating GBX fies) moved to standard location, and flushed when program exists.
  • Bugfix: Log-10 scale checkbox was not messaging data handler.
  • Use ScaleDescription to manage scale min and max, tick values, and contours.
  • Library: (Mac) Quaqua FC updated to version 7.0.1.

Version 2.9.3: Released 2010-05-26.

  • Also provide Windows version which uses 64-bit launcher.
  • Added "Combine" method for working with two arrays in one plot. Acts similar to "Average" option, but if one array's data point value is NaN, other array's value is used rather than assign NaN to data point.
  • Re-factored lon-lat map grid spacing to allow non-integral values.
  • Bugfix: Data on simple lat-vert grid recognized but plotting not enabled.
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Cut, copy, paste and select-all in text field non-functional if invoked from menu items rather than as keystrokes.

Version 2.9.2: Released 2010-04-30.

  • Slightly improved plot creation speed by modifying AbstractData#findextrema().
  • In addition to app directory, scan user's library directory ($HOME/Library/Application\ Support/GISS/ on OS X and $HOME/.gissjava/ elsewhere) for color tables and overlay files.
  • Improved handling of time zones in RelativeTime variable dimensions.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes not recognizing axes of data on rotated-pole lon-lat grids.
  • Bugfix: Did not deal well with RelativeTime dimension units defined as floats rather than integers.
  • Bugfix: User-defined label for time axis of time-lat plots ignored.
  • Library: (Mac) Quaqua FC updated to version 6.5.

Version 2.9.1: Released 2010-04-02.

  • Added *.h5 as a recognized HDF file extension.
  • Watch out for use of implicit dimensions for data on auxiliary lon-lat grids.
  • Bugfix: Subtitle plot object visible in plot window and in PS output when no subtitle applied.
  • Bugfix: PDF output failed, and failed quietly.
  • Bugfix: Double error dialog when unable to create netCDF array object to plot.

Version 2.9: Released 2010-03-26.

  • Always use fine interpolation for all projected lon-lat grids.
  • Improved cell fill scheme for maps of auxiliary lon-lat gridded data.
  • Look for explicit cell corner variables attached to auxiliary lon-lat gridded data dimensions.
  • Added "Export CDL*" option for dataset or variable selected in Datasets Browser. Note the asterisk; the output is not quite legal CDL and cannot be used as input to ncgen without some editing.
  • Added "Export CSV" option for variable selected in Datasets Browser. Output format is plain text with comma-separated values. Note: output is not localized.
  • Re-factored several grid fill and interpolation methods to reduce redundancy.
  • Re-factored NcArray2D constructor to allow for easier sub-classing.
  • Eliminated distinction between screen and print for line colors and strokes.
  • Added pale gray and smoke gray to choices in various color menus.
  • Use DocumentListeners on several text fields for quicker changing of plot text.
  • Refactored painting of "data image" from gridded data.
  • Left-right orientation of lat-vert plots and lon-lat zonal line plots controlled by checkbox rather menu.
  • Added sub-titling capability.
  • Further tweaks to vertical layout ofplots, most notably of lon-lat zonal line plots.
  • Bugfix: Open-file process allowed a file to be opened multiple times concurrently.
  • Bugfix: Changing to different longitude slice in lat-vert plots excruciatingly slow.
  • Bugfix: Interpolated lat-vert and time-lat plots not filling in area at poles as intended if most-poleward data points are "close" to poles.
  • Library: GISSmap updated to v. 1.4.4.
  • Library: (Mac) Quaqua FC updated to version 6.4.1.

Version 2.8.7: Released 2010-02-18.

  • Restored two choices for differencing arrays and added two division combination choices.
  • Bugfix: Number parser rejected exponentials if they included an explicit plus-sign, e.g., 3.0e+16.
  • Bugfix/Library: (Mac) Quaqua FC reverted to v. 6.2.2 because preview panel caused application crash on Intel Macs using OS X 10.5.8 and Java 1.6.
  • Library: GISSmap updated to v. 1.4.3.

Version 2.8.6: Released 2010-01-26.

  • Bugfix: Drag and drop from desktop into Datasets Browser failed silently if there was an error.
  • Bugfix: Relative time parser did not understand use of "Z" to denote UTC+0 timezone.
  • Bugfix: Last color in scale colorbar "overflowed" right edge.
  • Bugfix: Last row of array data table might be hidden behind horizontal scroll bar.
  • Library: JDOM updated to v. 1.1.1.
  • Library: GISSmap updated to v. 1.4.2.
  • Library: (Mac) Quaqua FC updated to v. 6.3.1.
  • Library: GRIB updated to v. 6.0.19.

Version 2.8.5: Released 2009-11-27.

  • When looking up variable's units attribute string, check for "unit" (case insensitive) attribute if "units" is not present.
  • When looking up variable's long name attribute string, check for "title" (case insensitive) attribute if "long_name" and "standard_name" are not present.
  • Bugfix: Selection status of plot window items in the Window menu not updated correctly when user selected front window.
  • Bugfix: Layout of credits help window not right when window reduced to half or less of original size.
  • Bugfix: Status bar at window bottom not painted (i.e., left transparent) on non-Mac OSes.
  • Minor interface tweaks.

Version 2.8.4: Released 2009-10-24.

  • Bugfix: Creating a combination plot via use of the target menu was blocked by a perpetual "busy" message.
  • Watch out for data on projected lon-lat grid but with bad GeoX or GeoY axis.
  • Bugfix: (Mac) Plot-type dialog and plot windows not completely painted when first shown on PowerPC Macs using Java 1.5.0_20 (and possibly other 1.5 JREs).
  • NcArray2D refactored to allow for extracting 2D slice data in chunks if grid is very large (over 10 million data points) in order to avoid blowing out memory usage. For example, global topography at 2' resolution.
  • Added HE4 and HE5 to list of extensions recognized by HDF filename filter. However, this does not necessarily mean that Panoply will recognize and plot data in HDF-EOS datasets.
  • Bugfix: Grid not drawn for lat-vert plots if vert axis was set to grid point index.
  • Watch out for axes values set to NaN; replace with 0.
  • Library: GISSmap updated to v. 1.3.2.
  • Library: (Mac) Quaqua FC updated to v. 6.2.

Version 2.8.3: Released 2009-09-30.

  • Added Clear Menu item to Recent Files menu.
  • (Mac) Bugfix: Appearance of toolbar at top of Datasets Browser window when viewed on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
  • Bugfix: Show Contours & Vectors menu item did not work.
  • Eliminated floating progress windoid. Replaced it with status bar at bottom of application windows.
  • If started from the command line, added option to allow for multiple instances of Panoply to run at one time. Use "-multi" argument.
  • Added ability to save plot images in uncompressed TIFF format.
  • Added ability to save plot images in uncompressed JPEG format.
  • Bugfix: Possible null pointer condition could break examination of a lon-lat variable using alternative grid.
  • Bugfix: Annoying Datasets Browser repaint flicker on some platforms.
  • Library: netCDF-Java updated to v. 4.0.49.
  • Library: (Mac) Quaqua FC updated to v. 6.0.1.
  • Library: GISSmap updated to v. 1.3.1.

Version 2.8.2: Released 2009-07-22.

  • Added ability to export lon-lat map plots in KMZ format (for use in, e.g., Google Earth), but only if map uses "Equirectangular" or "Equirectangular (Regional)" projection.
  • Bugfix: CPU demand spike caused by programmatically called garbage collection being invoked much too often.
  • Bugfix: Construction of variable tables in plot windows was taking far too much time.
  • Added partial ability to read color palettes included in HDF5 files. Limited to "STANDARD" or "STANDARD8" palettes using RGB color model.

Version 2.8.1: Released 2009-07-10.

  • Added ability to open GRIB datasets. However, cannot plot data therein unless it is tagged according to a known netCDF convention.
  • PlotFrame class no longer re-uses closed plot windows but disposes of them entirely and creates new ones from scratch. An old memory leak issue in Apple's Java related to the screen-top menu bar was fixed at some point in the last few years.
  • Library: netCDF-Java updated to v.
  • Library: Quaqua FC updated to v. 5.4.
  • Bugfix: (Mac) Could not launch on OS X 10.4 due to query for system property first defined in 10.5 and due to null font in spacing components.

Version 2.8: Released 2009-06-30.

  • Improved handling of CPT color tables, especially those using HSV color model.
  • Added ability to read GIMP Gradient (GGR) color tables.
  • Added ability to read SVG gradient color tables.
  • Added several additional colors to color pop-up menus. (Note: Old "green" is now "lime").
  • Added ability to open HDF4 and HDF5 files. However, cannot plot data therein unless it is tagged according to a known netCDF convention.
  • Width of scale bar now fixed and no longer dependent on number of colors in scale color table.
  • (Mac) Choice of table stripe color now checks system prefs appearance setting for aqua/blue vs. graphite.
  • Averaging checkbox added to longitude selector in array selection panel, rather than list average as last choice in pop-up menu.
  • Bugfix: Background of controls on non OS X Leopard platforms.
  • Bugfix: (Mac) Brushed metal appearance not (always) painted in Datasets Browser toolbar.
  • Able to plot (Lambert) azimuthal equal-area grid mappings for lon-lat data if tagged using the CF convention.
  • (Mac) Switched to Quaqua file chooser with option to specify file kind.
  • Implemented delayed construction of table in Variable tabbed-panels if number of table data values was very large.
  • Dropped Earth_5x4 outline and mask continental files from distribution and added USA_MWDB2 outline.
  • Bugfix: Drag and drop of additional continent overlay file into lon-lat plot did not update map.
  • Library: netCDF-Java updated to v. 4.0.48.

Version 2.7.2: Released 2009-05-21.

  • Able to plot stereographic grid mappings for lon-lat data if tagged using the CF convention. (This is distinct from the polar stereographic gridding also described in the CF convention.)
  • Bugfix: Yet more places where handling of numerical text input was not localized.
  • Bugfix: Incorrect data gridding if switching to zonal average line plot from a regional lon-lat map plot.
  • Bugfix: Layout of map controls panel not right on non-Mac platforms.
  • Library: netCDF-Java updated to v. 4.0.43.

Version 2.7.1: Released 2009-04-16.

  • Able to plot Albers equal-area conic grid mappings for lon-lat data if tagged using the CF convention.
  • Bugfix: Handling of numerical text input was not localized and could not handle European decimal comma.
  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.2.2.

Version 2.7: Released 2009-03-31.

  • Now able to open and read netCDF v. 4 datasets. Files created usng netCDF-4 should use .nc4 as a file name extension.
  • Bugfix: Polar stereographic gridding of lon-lat data sometimes not recognized.
  • Some data on i"unknown" alternative-projection lon-lat grids may be recognized and successfully plotted as being on irregular grids.
  • Latitude range may be specified on latitude-vertical plots.
  • Library: Unidata's netCDF-Java updated to v. 4.0.38.
  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.2.1.

Version 2.6.5: Released 2008-12-22.

  • Bugfix: Too coarse gridding for regional lon-lat plots (both for the Equirect-Regional projection and for zoomed-in azimuthals) that crossed the ±180°E meridian.
  • Bugfix: Map center-of-projection controls "spontaneously" resetting to plot default values on one OS/Java combination (Mandriva Linux w/ Java 6).
  • Bugfix: Array "slicer" controls could be sized unusably small if dimension name was extremely long.
  • Bugfix: Masks did not display in Overlays Browser.
  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.2.0.
  • Map controls and map preference controls modified to deal with 12 pseudocylindric projections that can be shown in optional interrupted format.
  • Added projection parameter controls to Overlays Browser.

Version 2.6.4: Released 2008-11-28.

  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.1.4 (includes Interrupted Goode Homolosine projection).
  • Library: Unidata's netCDF-Java updated to v.
  • Bugfix: Gridlines not drawn anti-aliased on some platforms/JRE combinations.
  • Bugfix: Overly restrictive handling of Coordinates attribute resulted sometimes result in Variable not appearing to be plottable.

Version 2.6.3: Released 2008-10-23.

  • Sped up reading in text outline overlay files (CNO files).
  • Added use of binary outline overlay files (CNOB files), which may be read in 4-10 times faster than equivalent CNO files.
  • Contour plots may optionally include lines corresponding to minor tick values on plot scale.
  • Changed default color table from panoply.PA1 to panoply.GCT so that color boundaries were cleaner if used in a contour plot.
  • Several minor tweaks to appearance of tree-table in Datasets Browser window and to data table in plot windows.
  • Bugfix: Zonal-average lon-lat line plots did not convert grid line opacities to line weight when printing or when saving as PDF/PS.

Version 2.6.2: Released 2008-09-15.

  • Modified progress windoid manager to reduce flickering.
  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.1.3.
  • Library: Unidata netCDF-Java updated to v.
  • Bugfix: (Mac) Datasets Browser not displayed after netCDF file opened via desktop icon double-click.
  • Bugfix: Plotting of lon-lat data saved on some projected grids broken if grid dimensions did not use units of km.

Version 2.6.1: Released 2008-07-21.

  • Changed layout of variable data table tabbed-panel, and added mouse-listener for activity on the table's column and row headers.
  • Bugfix: Presence of a scalar coordinate variable (as defined in CF Convention ver. 1.3, sec. 5.7) made a variable look un-plottable.

Version 2.6: Released 2008-07-05.

  • Added vector plotting capability to lon-lat and lat-vert plots.
  • Added logarithmic scale option.
  • Printing and also PS and PDF file output now always translate grid and contour line opacity to line weight.
  • Now checks for boundary variables with indices swapped.
  • (Mac) Datasets Browser looks more like a native app window, especially on OS X Leopard.
  • Plot data tables made a bit easier to read.
  • Percent differencing combination option removed.
  • Bugfix: Background color menu item threw exception when invoked.
  • Bugfix: Plotting of irregular lon-lat grids messed up when crossing ±180° longitude.
  • Bugfix: Actual NaNs in dataset messed up finding the data min and max.
  • Bugfix: Open-file menu command was broken.
  • Bugfix: Units menu did not offer appropriate choices when plotting an Array 1 × Array 2 plot.
  • Library: netCDF-Java updated to v.
  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.1.2.

Version 2.5: Released 2008-02-07.

  • Added ability to plot lon-lat data structured irregular grids (e.g., curvilinear orthogonal grids) defined using 2D auxiliary coordinate variables.
  • Added ability to open NcML datasets, both locally and via HTTP.
  • Added fix-proportions button to equirect-regional map controls to quickly set lons and lats totrue scale at plot's central latitude.
  • Added "Save Plot Settings to Prefs" command.
  • Bugfix: Progress windoid was not staying in front of all other windows.
  • Bugfix: Regridding of lon-lat data too coarse if output map projection was a conic.
  • Bugfix: Data with RelativeTime axis based on standard calendar was not initialized to use GMT time zone.
  • Bugfix: Dropped pixels in some interpolated plots of polar stereographic-gridded lon-lat data.
  • Bugfix: Missing library broke ability to load datasets via HTTP.
  • Bugfix (Mac-only): Window flicker when application launch caused by double-click on a netCDF file icon.
  • Library: JDOM updated to v. 1.1.

Version 2.4.3: Released 2008-01-16.

  • Allowed for specifying max and min latitude when making time-lat plots.
  • Library: Unidata's netCDF-Java updated to v.
  • Added Julian Date and Modified Julian Date as recognized units of time for time-lat plots.
  • Bugfix: Did not recognize dataset variables which were plottable only as time-lat arrays.
  • Bugfix: Plot combination menu not correctly updated when second array added to plot.
  • Bugfix: Synchronization problems occurred if too many data binning commands sent in rapid sequence to a plot.

Version 2.4.2: Released 2007-11-23.

  • Check for possible redundant values in longitude axis as might appear, e.g., in datasets using IVE convention.
  • Bugfix: A value dropped in calculation for zonal average plots, causing particular problems when examining regional data with narrow width.
  • Bugfix: RelativeTime handler did not watch for "no_leap" synonym for "noleap" calendar.
  • Bugfix: Zoom-in/out cursors did not appear when appropriate keys pressed when viewing equirectangular regional map plot. No cursors appeared if plot did not have focus and if mouse was not in motion.

Version 2.4.1: Released 2007-11-09.

  • (Mac) Updated icons and added larger icons for Mac OS X Leopard desktop cover flow.
  • (Mac) Re-sizing of plot controls uses size-variant property setting if Mac OS X Leopard detected.
  • Modified RelativeTime handler to allow for "year 0" sometimes used as origin date in climate model datasets.
  • Bugfix: (Mac) Map border and graticule curves were not anti-aliased on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
  • Bugfix: (Mac) Table row header values were not drawn on Mac OS X Leopard. Also, column headings were not justified as desired on Leopard.
  • Bugfix: RelativeTime handler rounded off fractional offsets to nearest whole time unit.
  • Library: Unidata's netCDF-Java updated to v.
  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.1.1 plus one new projection.

Version 2.4: Released 2007-10-19.

  • Can display labels with contour plot levels.
  • Can plot polar stereographic grid mappings for lon-lat data, specifically WRF model polar stereographic data.
  • Scale popup menu/combobox made editable so that user may enter alternative units (e.g., "Celsius" if data are in degrees Kelvin).
  • Preferences can save "extra parameter" settings should favored projection have such (e.g., a standard parallel).
  • Use JSplitPane in Datasets Browser window so that CDL description text area can be resized as desired.
  • Added Reset button to preferences to restore default settings.
  • Re-organization of some plot controls.
  • Some code refactored to take advantage of generics, varargs, and other new features in Java 1.5.
  • Bugfix: Drag-select in equirectangular regional map plots did not take into account size of plot component margin.
  • Bugfix: Axis cell boundary variable name obtained from NJ's getBoundaryRef was always null.
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Popup trigger in datasets browser's treetable did not fire.
  • Library: Unidata's netCDF-Java updated to v.
  • Library: GISS mapping updated to v. 1.1, plus three new conic projections useful for regional lon-lat plots.

Version 2.3: Released 2007-07-27.

  • A Java 5 runtime environment is now required.
  • Added preference for always displaying a file dialog when saving plot images.
  • Able to plot Lambert conformal conic grid mappings for lon-lat data, specifically data which either uses CF convention or is from WRF model.
  • Able to plot Mercator mapping of lon-lat data as produced by WRF model.
  • Refactored plot graphic elements as PlotPieces rather than extend JComponent, thereby allowing for code to be used in future "headless" applications.
  • Rewrote handling of regional lon-lat plots to use RegionalProjection instead of being treated as special plot type.
  • Rewrote MaskOverlay to speed up image conversions.
  • Allow for different plot size choices via preferences option.
  • Added popup trigger to treetable in datasets browser, allowing user to create plot with specified size.
  • Bugfix: Re-used plot frames were not flushing saved-image info.
  • Bugfix: (Linux?) Splash screen timing could go into infinite loop if tracker thread killed.
  • Bugfix: Max number of scale divisions inconsistently determined in different parts of application.
  • Library: Unidata's netCDF-Java updated to v. 2.2.22.

Version 2.2.1: Released 2007-05-30.

  • Bugfix: Names of some items in color tables and in overlays menus not shown correctly.

Version 2.2: Released 2007-05-29.

  • Updated to use Unidata's netCDF-Java 2.2.20 (NJ22-20) library.
  • Updated to use GISSmapping map projections library consistent with G.Projector 1.0.2 release, including several new projections.
  • Added ability to plot rotated-pole grid mappings for lon-lat data, used in some regional climate and weather models. Data and variables should be tagged per the CF Metadata Convention, version 1.0, section 5.6.
  • Bugfix: ClimateModelCalendar class used to evaluate relative time values sometimes returned negative days.
  • Bugfix: Was not trapping for bad bounds on a dimension variable.
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Color tables within application jar might not be loaded.

Version 2.1.5: Released 2007-03-19.

  • Bugfix: (Windows and Linux) Keystroke for minimizing windows was same as keystroke for changing plot background color.
  • Updated to use iText 2.0 Java-PDF library.
  • Bugfix: Mask overlays not clipped to exclude margins for regional lon-lat plots.
  • Bugfix: Part of regional lon-lat plots was double drawn, resulting in overly large PDF and PS output files.
  • Bugfix: Specifying "none" for lon-lat plot map grid caused program to hang.
  • Added Earth_MWDB3 to continent outlines included in distro.
  • Rewrote handling of addition of new colorbar or overlay items to popup menus in open plot windows.
  • Gathered all plot and plot description property names in one interface.
  • Created OpacitySpinner class.
  • Lon-lat map projections code greatly updated in conjunction with release of G.Projector software v. 1.0 and β 73H1. Many projection classes re-factored. Eleven projections were added, one removed, and two (correctly) re-named.
  • Re-organized layout of common panel in preferences window.

Version 2.1.4: Released 2007-01-04.

  • Added ability to read GPL color tables, i.e., GIMP palettes.
  • Added ability to read CPT gradient files, i.e., Generic Mapping Tool palettes.
  • Modified stereographic projection to allow for input of radius parameter.
  • Updated to use Unidata's netCDF-Java 2.2.18 (NJ22-18) library.
  • Updated to use iText 1.4.8 Java-PDF library.
  • Modified azimuthal equal-area and equidistant projections to allow for input of radius parameter rather than use hemispheric-or-global toggle.
  • Bugfix: Finely gridded global lon-lat data showed a "seam" despite longitude axis wrapped around.
  • Bugfix: Datasets browser window did not update toolbar icon highlighting or CDL panel when arrow keys used to change item selected in treetable.
  • Re-organized layout of some plot scale controls.
  • Bugfix: Datasets tree-table de-selection events did not de-select.
  • Bugfix: Trap in NCDimension for declared-but-missing dimension variables was circumvented.
  • Sample datasets no longer included in distribution.

Version 2.1.3: Released 2006-12-04.

  • Added four Canters Pseudocylindric projection to lon-lat map choices.
  • Bugfix: Recursion error could lead to memory overflow when establishing a new preferences file.

Version 2.1.2: Released 2006-11-29.

  • Bugfix: When data table had focus, Copy and Select All items in Edit menu did not work even though corresponding keystrokes did.
  • Re-factored datasets tree-table, allowing for (1) alternating rows color scheme, (2) user preference which specifies whether newly opened datasets are always shown expanded or contracted, and (3) Mac version to respond to clicks on "arrowhead" disclosure icons.
  • Bugfix: In two particular situations, interpolation of finely gridded regional lon-lat data produced stretched or distorted results.
  • Re-factored handling of recent-files list so that 1) remote files opened via Load File command are included, 2) files added via drag-n-drop from desktop are included, 3) Recent Files menu updates immediately in response to any addition to list, and 4) user preference specifies maximum items in that menu.
  • Added "Canters Polyconic 1989f9" to global map choices.
  • Updated to use iText 1.4.7 Java-PDF library.

Version 2.1.1: Released 2006-11-14.

  • Bugfix: ClassCast error on time axis in time-lat plots (keograms).
  • Added "favorite projections" panel to preferences.
  • Added mask invert option to continent overlays browser.

Version 2.1: Released 2006-11-08.

  • Simplified PlotNote component code.
  • Revised optimal size calculation for PlotScale component.
  • Added control and menu command to auto center scale on 0.0.
  • Bugfix: Interpolation of "fine" lon-lat data ignored area between edge latitude grid points and the poles.
  • Altered layout of lon-lat plot preferences panel.
  • Color menu items include swatches of pertinent color.
  • Bugfix: Bad values calculated for edge cell bounds of longitude dimension if bounds were not explicitly specified in dataset and if data were regional rather than global.
  • Replaced hard-coded positions of plot components with a flexible PlotLayout object.
  • Bugfix: Mis-identified grid values for second variable in a lon-lat combination plot.
  • Added option to include contour lines in plots.
  • Added recent datasets item to File menu.
  • Merged uses of open file dialogs into a single method.
  • Much special menu code now handled by subclassing from GISS GUI libraries.
  • Altered sequence of handling plot parameter changes in plot subclasses.
  • Bugfix: (Non-Mac) Bad keystroke descriptions in menus properties.
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Finally got the desktop icon to render correctly!
  • Bugfix: Plot-type hierarchical menu not enabled/disabled correctly when re-using a plot frame.
  • Library: iText Java-PDF updated to v. 1.4.6.
  • Bugfix: (Non-Mac) Alt-click get-info box drawn in wrong place on plot due to bad translation from plot coordinates to glass pane coordinates.
  • Bugfix: (Windows/Non-Mac) Custom cursors grossly enlarged.
  • Replaced browser launcher with p.d. code from
  • Bugfix: Extrema of "average slice" not updated correctly in lat-vert plots when switching between slice.

Version 2.0: Released 2006-08-01.

  • New latitude-vertical plots default to zonal-average if Variable also has a longitude dimension.
  • Bugfix: JSpinner in array selection control not initialized with correct max value if longitude dimension.
  • Completely rewrote controls-to-plot messaging to make better use of PlotEvent and PlotListener classes and to use a PlotDescription to manage messaging.
  • Replaced several text-field controls with JSpinners to better enforce min and max values.
  • Bugfix: Overlay mask inversion checkbox control not initiallized correctly.
  • Bugfix: Unexpected CoordinateSystem information from NJ22 could cause error which prevented display of any dataset information (e.g., data appeared unplottable).
  • Switched PNG output to use Java 1.4 ImageIO.
  • Switched GIF output to use generic GifIO class used by other GISS apps.
  • Rewrote thread timing of launch splash window.
  • Display of launch splash window made a preference.
  • (Mac) Switched from MRJ handlers to Apple's application adapters for Java 1.4.
  • Altered RelativeTime formatting of units of "days since—" to omit hours/minutes unless "really" necessary.
  • Bugfix: Failed to use plot axes' associated boundary variables (if available) because NJ22's CoordinateAxis.getBoundaryRef always returned null.
  • Altered calculation of plot axis's outer bounds for case of no associated boundary variable.
  • Dropped use of GNUJAXP/Aelfred2 XML parser when reading preferences prefs in favor of the "default" parser discovered by JDOM's SAXBuilder.
  • Added time-latitude plotting (keograms), but only available if time axis follows conventions and is recognized by NJ22 library.
  • Modified NCPlotAxis to allow for a tiny bit of "slop" when testing if a longitude axis completely wraps around globe.
  • All strings in Datasets window extracted from properties file.
  • Bugfix: Lon-lat data were unnecessarily re-gridded when shifting global map projection
  • Implemented alternate and faster interpolation scheme for use when handling finely gridded data; e.g., 5'-resolution observational datasets.
  • Plot extrema when plotting a single array (as opposed to, e.g., a difference plot) are now obtained by examining original netCDF array rather than re-gridded array.
  • Bugfix: Option-click on plots to get point info was querying for wrong set of coordinates.
  • Allow user to choose shape of outlier color indicators in plot scale.
  • Library: Unidata's netCDF-Java updated to v. 2.2.16.
  • Min-max note extended from PlotNote.
  • Bugfix: NaN values were not placed in edge areas if second input array in combination plot had bounds which did not fill output grid (e.g., a lon-lat dataset which does not extend to the poles).
  • Shifted certain data access activities (i.e., creation of variable object, altering chosen slice from that variable, etc.) out of event thread in order to reduce blockage of GUI event handling.
  • Created TaskQueue to manage sequential requests to change data being plotted.
  • Display non-modal progress "windoid" when creating new plots and when changing data already plotted.
  • Added Raisz Half Ellipsoidal projection to lon-lat plots.
  • Library: iText Java-PDF updated to v. 1.4.3.

For previous version history, see the Version 1.0 page.

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