Panoply netCDF, HDF and GRIB Data Viewer

Version History

The current version of Panoply is 4.12.11, released 2021-08-28.

Version 4.12.11: Released 2021-08-28.

  • Bugfix: Some keypress-and-mouse-click actions on plots failed silently.
  • Bugfix: View>Plot>Map/Grid menu item not enabled.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.2 (final).
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 3.0.1.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.24.

Version 4.12.10: Released 2021-08-20.

  • Watch for dimension name mis-match in Aqua-MODIS Level 2 data.
  • Minor re-organization of map overlay preferences panel.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.2 (snapshot 8/20).
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 3.0.

Version 4.12.9: Released 2021-07-15.

  • Bugfix: Threading issues populating sources tree table when opening multiple data files at one time.
  • Bugfix: Rendering of sources tree table disclosure triangle might not show correct state.
  • Bugfix: Insufficient trapping of scalar coordinate info reported as CoordinateAxis1D.
  • Line plots from multi-dimensional data may use indirect time variable as axis.
  • Color contour plots may use indirect time variable as axis.
  • Bugfix: (Win) Updated launcher tool, which should reduce "Java 9 not found" issues.
  • Removed last vestiges of JavaFX.
  • Bugfix: Calculation of line-simplification tolerance when rendering line plots did not handle tiny steps (e.g., 1E-6) along axis.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.2 (snapshot 7/5).

Version 4.12.8: Released 2021-06-26.

  • Show Sources window when app raised to foreground and no windows visible.
  • Bugfix: Output as PostScript failed when writing any AttributedString.
  • Bugfix: Invalid or corrupt shapefile in overlay library blocked construction of color-contour plot windows and of Preferences window.
  • Bugfix: Indexing exception blocked plotting auxiliary 2D lon-lat grids.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.6.4.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.2 (snapshot 6/24).

Version 4.12.7: Released 2021-05-31.

  • Improvements to plotting of high-res lon-lat projected grids.
  • Non-interpolated plotting of auxiliary 3D lon-lat grids uses bounds variables if found.
  • Bugfix: Possible anti-aliasing effect between ends of color bar and contiguous outliers.
  • Bugfix: (macOS) Progress bar not rendered in window footers.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.6.3.

Version 4.12.6: Released 2021-04-30.

  • Bugfix: Possibility that 1D data in a file tagged with timeSeries featureType could be mis-identified as 2D.
  • Line plots may use indirect time variable as axis.
  • Code linting and minor optimizations.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.6.2.

Version 4.12.5: Released 2021-04-01.

  • Bugfix: Interpolation around poles when plotting "polyhedral" sphere lon-lat data.
  • Bugfix: Click-for-info reported wrong grid cell for some faces of "polyhedral" sphere lon-lat plots.
  • Code linting and minor optimizations.

Version 4.12.4: Released 2021-02-28.

  • Bugfix: Contour info omitted when saving plot settings to preferences.
  • Bugfix: Gridding of lon-lat projected data depending on axis order direction.
  • Bugfix: Potential failure to draw overlays when using "Equirectangular (Regional)" projection.
  • Bugfix: Issues again when making regional plots of projected lon-lat data if plot crosses ±180°E meridian.
  • Better trap for erroneous lon-lat projected grid mapping if dataset not CF compliant.
  • Miscellaneous minor optimizations.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.6.1.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.2 (snapshot 2/28).
  • Library: Updated pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 0.31.

Version 4.12.3: Released 2021-01-25.

  • Display message if unable to import color table or overlay whose name matches one already in the support library.
  • Bugfix: Line-plot custom stroke caption text field was broken.
  • Bugfix: Possible unknown protocol exception when exploring remote data catalogs via HTTPS.
  • Display progress in window status bar when expanding a remote catalog branch.
  • Display message if an exception occurs while expanding a remote catalog branch.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.6.0.

Version 4.12.2: Released 2020-12-22.

  • Reduce possibility of false positive test for trajectory data.
  • Bugfix: (macOS) Possible launch crash if Java not found or version is insufficient.
  • Bugfix: Possible failure to display create-plot dialog for trajectory data.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.1.

Version 4.12.1: Released 2020-11-30.

  • Re-factored axes tick formatting for different plot types to reduce redundancy.
  • Able to label time axis ticks with raw numeric values rather than formatted time.
  • Bugfix: Array index exception getting lon/lat position of 3D auxiliary lon-lat data if data variable > 3D.
  • Able to plot some "polyhedral" sphere lon-lat data (e.g., ECCO tridecagons) in addition to some cubed sphere encodings.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.0 (snapshot 11/20).
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.21.
  • Library: Updated pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 0.29.

Version 4.12.0: Released 2020-11-01.

  • Java 9 is now required to run Panoply.
  • Bugfix: Layout of grid controls for color contour plots with a time axis.
  • Revised handling of Find panel in Sources window and of Find item in Edit menu.
  • Bugfix: Log file not receiving entries.
  • Plot option for rendering scientific "E" notation numeric as a superscripted 10 also applied to "10^N" notation in axis and scale captions..
  • 10^N scaling factor may be set in preferences.
  • Minor preferences UI re-organization.
  • Added combobox to data table controls for specifying row/col header format.
  • Line plot of trajectory data may use indirect time variable as axis.
  • Added several built-in color tables from Scientific Color Maps and by J. Stevens.
  • Updated desktop icon for macOS.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.0 (snapshot 10/13).

Version 4.11.6: Released 2020-08-13.

  • Default color table may also be set from Colorbar browser.
  • Improved searching hierarchical datasets for coordinate variables located in different group.
  • Bugfix: Apparent dimension mismatch if coordinate variable(s) located in different group.
  • Enabled use of 10^N scaling factor for line plots.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.0 (snapshot 7/25).

Version 4.11.5: Released 2020-07-15.

  • Re-organized scale controls layout for color contour plots.
  • Added control and preference for weight of plot colorbar border.
  • Bugfix: Possible failure to recognize if line plot axis is of time.
  • Refactored creation of plot axes to reduce redundant code.
  • Bugfix: Possible failure to build dimensions for generic 2D color contour plots.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.20.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.0 (snapshot 7/8).

Version 4.11.4: Released 2020-06-27.

  • Lambert CEA projected data now able to plot using metadata for the oblate spheroid.
  • Bugfix: Regional plots of projected lon-lat data might appear blank if crossing ±180°E meridian.
  • Bugfix: Regional plots of polar stereographic projected data might omit some data within the map bounds.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.0 (snapshot 6/26).

Version 4.11.3: Released 2020-05-31.

  • Bugfix: Exception when constructing coordinate axes for some rotated pole projected data.
  • Refactored coordinate axis discovery for all plot types.
  • Revised missing GRIBTAB message if no GRIB-1 table available.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.4.0 (snapshot 5/13).

Version 4.11.2: Released 2020-04-30.

  • Bugfix: Possible failure to create line plot if array has a dimension of length 1.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.5.0 (final).
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.3.2.

Version 4.11.1: Released 2020-02-28.

  • Bugfix: Potential floating-point error accumulation calculating plot axes tick values.
  • Minor refactoring of multi-session test.
  • Bugfix: Possible race condition when changing lon-lat plot grid spacing.
  • Other minor optimizations.
  • (macOS) Additional build process changes required for successful notarization.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.3.0 (snapshot 2/25).
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.5.0 (snapshot 2/27).

Version 4.11.0: Released 2020-01-31.

  • Added plot option for alternatively rendering scientific "E" notation numeric as a superscripted 10 in scale and axes tick labels.
  • Rewrote zonal average line plots as a separate plot type rather than as a lon-lat plot option.
  • Bugfix: Watch out for variables with declared but null-valued "long_name" attribute.
  • Bugfix: Incorrect lon-lat bounds when exporting KMZ files of some non-global map plots.
  • Bugfix: String-valued coordinate variables should not be offered as possible plot axes.
  • Bugfix: Enabled state of line plot scale controls when scale method set to log10.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.3.0 (snapshot 1/30).
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.18.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.30.

Version 4.10.12: Released 2019-12-12.

  • Refactored messaging for several plot actions shared by a menu item and a control component.
  • Bugfix: Some auxiliary 2D gridded data mis-identified as trajectory data.
  • Bugfix: Undesired re-sizing or scrolling of info panel in Sources window in response to some UI events.
  • Bugfix: Unable to open remote datasets requiring user authentication.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.4.2.

Version 4.10.11: Released 2019-11-26.

  • Bugfix: "Combine Plot" button did not enable if selected variable was not 2+D georeferenced.
  • Bugfix: Some commands in Plot menu did not update enabled-state consistently.
  • Improved security of multiple-session test.
  • Loosen restriction in detecting a trajectory variable with instance dimension when file not tagged with trajectory featureType.
  • Truncate descriptions shown in the info panel of Sources window for datasets or groups if longer than 300,000 characters to avoid out-of-memory exceptions.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.4.1.
  • (macOS) Notarized in order to pass new Gatekeeper security test.

Version 4.10.10: Released 2019-09-30.

  • Further improvement to detection of an auxiliary lon-lat grid if NJ library failed to report a coordinate system.
  • Bugfix: Possible NPE when working with coordinate variables that have no units.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.1.0 (final).
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.28.

Version 4.10.9: Released 2019-07-30.

  • For all plot types with time axis, init axis tickmarks with pattern based on units attribute string.
  • Try to work with time axis that uses "TAI" calendar.
  • Bugfix: (macOS/Java 9+) Always Fit Scale to Data menu item may double-fire, with UI elements getting out of sync with setting.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0.0 (final).
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.7.

Version 4.10.8: Released 2019-06-30.

  • Bugfix: (macOS) Open-file dialog should not appear when app launched by double-click on dataset icon.
  • Bugfix: Plot image partially re-painted in display during animation export.
  • Slight improvement to speed of animation export.
  • Updated scrollbar policy in scrollpane UI elements.
  • Revised construction of color contour plot controls if an axis detected as "pattern time".
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.6.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.16.
  • Library: Updated pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 0.23.

Version 4.10.7: Released 2019-05-31.

  • Bugfix: Layout/paint errors in Sources window could be triggered by window re-sizing.
  • Bugfix: (Windows/Linux) Quit handler could trigger during unexpectedly slow start-up.
  • (macOS) Improved Java app launcher compatibility with alternative Java distributions, including openjdk, Corretto and Zulu.
  • Revised construction of line plot controls if axis detected as time.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0 b6+ (snapshot 5/20/19).

Version 4.10.6: Released 2019-04-29.

  • Bugfix: Colorbar length did not adjust to toggling of outlier visibility.
  • Bugfix: Rendering of selected row in Sources window tree table.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0 b6+ (snapshot 4/18/19).
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.5.

Version 4.10.5: Released 2019-03-26.

  • Bugfix: Reset Bounds menu item did not affect X-axis of generic color contour plots.
  • Bugfix: Lon-lat plot type menu item might display incorrect text.
  • Refactored color table prefs/setting messaging.
  • Refactored map projection menu handling and prefs/setting messaging.
  • Refactored map overlay menu handling and prefs/setting messaging.
  • Bugfix: Rotated-pole lon-lat data not plotted if projected longitude outside range [-180°,180°].
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0 b6+ (snapshot 3/1/19).
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.14.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.26.
  • Minor optimizations.

Version 4.10.4: Released 2019-02-04.

  • Additional enhancements to sources window info panel display, especially of structure metadata.
  • Bugfix: Array data panel only showed one face for some cubed-sphere data.
  • Bugfix: Plotting menu items that should have been disabled while exporting animation were not.
  • Bugfix: Handling of mouse clicks on scale and overlay library tables in preferences window.
  • Allow entry of special characters into plot labels by using Unicode escape sequences, e.g., enter "\u00b0C" in a text field control to display "°C".
  • Library: Updated Apache PDFBox to v. 2.0.13.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.4.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0, snapshot 2/4.

Version 4.10.3: Released 2018-12-20.

  • Enhancements to sources window info panel display.
  • Improve detection of trajectory variables in HDF-EOS datasets.
  • Bugfix: Failure to recognize some projected grid arrays.
  • Additional triangle options for scale colorbar outlier shapes.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0, snapshot 12/12.

Version 4.10.2: Released 2018-11-29.

  • Bugfix: Sources window info panel did not display value if selected variable is a scalar.
  • Bugfix: Plot width and height menus did not show a check by current selected item.
  • Bugfix: Unnecessary events fired by projection combobox in map plot controls when projection library faves altered in prefs.
  • Allow for plotting vector-magnitude values (but not vectors), on geo-2D plots with a time axis.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0, snapshot 11/29.

Version 4.10.1: Released 2018-11-15.

  • Bugfix: Possible hang when creating vector plot.
  • Bugfix: Size parameter exception when exporting an animation.
  • Bugfix: (macOS/Java 9+) Show/Hide Toolbar Labels menu item may double-fire.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0 beta 6.

Version 4.10.0: Released 2018-11-07.

  • Bugfix: Selected and focused items in colortable selection popup menu not highlighted.
  • Bugfix: Possible NPE when creating plot of data on a WRF projected grid.
  • (macOS) Discontinued brush-metal look and partially accomodated Mojave "Dark Mode".
  • Made "Compare" the default combination option for line plots and trajectories.
  • Refactored handling of plot resizing commands to reduce redundant repainting.
  • Bugfix: Possible failure to detect auxiliary 2D data gridding.
  • Refactored discovery of auxiliary 2D and 3D lon-lat grids, reducing code redundancy and checking for "implicit" gridding not reported by usual coordinate system methods.
  • Other refactoring of variable type detection.
  • Bugfix: No response when changing text in longitude and latitude axes caption fields.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.3.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0, snapshot 10/22.
  • Library: Updated Apache PDFBox to v. 2.0.12 and pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 0.20.

Version 4.9.5: Released 2018-09-28.

  • Bugfix: Re-appearing / duplicate datasets in Sources catalog listing.
  • Re-worked discovery of lon-lat coordinate variables for auxiliary 2D grids where no coordinate system was initially reported.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0, snapshot 9/18.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.2.

Version 4.9.4: Released 2018-08-30.

  • Bugfix: Layout problems and unresponsive controls in Overlays browser window.
  • Bugfix: Handling of add'l dimension coordinate variables if type unsigned int.
  • Bugfix: Trouble reading trajectory data if element dimension had no matching coordinate variable.
  • Bugfix: Failure to load remote catalog if address did not include catalog filename.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.1.
  • Minor country border additions to built-in MWDB outline overlay files.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0 beta 3, snapshot 8/28.

Version 4.9.3: Released 2018-07-27.

  • Rewrote help/credits window to use JavaFX WebView.
  • Bugfix: "Enhanced Mode" menu item erratically unresponsive when invoked by keystroke.
  • Bugfix: Items in View > Plot menu always enabled, even when inappropriate to plot.
  • Bugfix: Various menu items not disabled during animation export.
  • Bugfix: Possible failure to read projected grid axes metadata in some HDF datasets.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.11.
  • Library: Removed use of Apache Commons Lang.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.0.

Version 4.9.2: Released 2018-06-29.

  • Bugfix: Formatting of time axis ticks on both time-y and x-time plots not responding to GUI controls.
  • Bugfix: Possible failure to create plot manager object for line plots.
  • Tweaked handling of scale colorbar outlier settings.
  • Watch for basic coordinate system info not reported by netCDF-Java 5.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.2.1.
  • When drawing trajectory plots, add option to skip points with NaN value.
  • Minor optimizations.

Version 4.9.1: Released 2018-06-01.

  • If creation of projected grid lon-lat array var fails, see if auxiliary gridding available.
  • Bugfix: Map projection preferences table unresponsive to button and checkbox clicks.
  • Include file name when displaying variable info in sources browser window.
  • Bugfix: Plot stops responding to change in control settings after replacing either variable in combination plot.
  • Bugfix: Reverse Scale Colors item in Plot menu only worked once per plot.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.2.0.

Version 4.9.0: Released 2018-04-30.

  • Bugfix: Possible axis confusion when making line plots and generic color contour plots of HDF data if variable has unnamed dimensions of equal length.
  • Bugfix: Variable coordinates analysis should prefer projected grid mapping over use of auxiliary lon-lat coordinate variables.
  • Library: Updated JCodec to v. 0.2.3.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.8.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 5.0 beta 2.
  • Search for $HOME/.unidata/nj22Config.xml config file and use if present.
  • Library: Use Apache pdfbox (v. 2.0.9) for PDF output.

Version 4.8.10: Released 2018-03-31.

  • Added option to offset plot axes for color contour plots.
  • Re-organized preferences (and prefs UI) for 1D vs 2D plot grid controls.
  • Reduced differences between layout of horizontal line plots and lon-lat zonal average plots.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.7.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.12 (snapshot 3/30).

Version 4.8.9: Released 2018-02-28.

  • Bugfix: Failed to create lon-lat map plot if preferences default map projection was conic.
  • Bugfix: Cursor not changing immediately in response to key events in plot area.
  • Bugfix: Control key modifier not recognized when clicking on plot.
  • If lon-lat vector components are magnitude and azimuth, allow user to specify whether angle is up- or downstream.
  • Improve plotting of cubed-sphere data at/around poles of lon-lat map plot.
  • Bugfix: Intermittent failure to draw mask overlay on regional lon-lat map plot.
  • Bugfix: Intermittent failure to draw part of cubed-sphere data on regional lon-lat map plot.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.6.
  • Re-factored some time parsing code (including version checker) to use classes introduced in Java 8.

Version 4.8.8: Released 2018-01-31.

  • Bugfix: Line plots could be initialized incorrectly if longitude variable present but longitude not an explicit dimension of the plotted variable.
  • Refactored scale method (i.e., scalar vs. log10) handling throughout.
  • Allow for log axes on either or both axes of line plots.
  • Alternative choices of which map plot gridlines are labeled, if labeling available for projection.
  • Bugfix: Horizontal line plot window layout changes when second var added.
  • Bugfix: Possible index error when initializing for line plot gridder if var is 1D.
  • (MacOS) Use Java 9 Desktop handlers if running that Java version.
  • Bugfix: (macOS/Java 9) Checkbox-menu-items double-fired if invoked via meta keystroke.
  • Better initializing of scale min and max for line plots if data min = data max.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.5.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.12 (snapshot).

Version 4.8.7: Released 2017-12-20.

  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.11 (final).
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.3.
  • Bugfix: Focus listener on scale min-max text fields not responding.
  • Bugfix: Click-for-info outside auxiliary 2D grid (e.g., swath data) bounds might report an edge cell info.
  • Bugfix: File(s) appended as options in command-line launch of Panoply were not opened.
  • Bugfix: Top Y-axis label of lon-lat zonal line plots was clipped.
  • Allow lon-lat map plots to use a third overlay.
  • Some re-organization of lon-lat map preferences.
  • Bugfix: Possible confusion if a projected-grid dataset included multiple grid mappings.
  • Bugfix: Some trajectory variables not recognized.

Version 4.8.6: Released 2017-11-30.

  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.2.
  • Library: Updated JCodec to v. 0.2.2.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.11 (snapshot 11/30).
  • Bugfix: No error displayed if printing failed.
  • Code linting and minor optimizations.

Version 4.8.5: Released 2017-10-31.

  • Further improvement to recognition of trajectory variables.
  • Bugfix: Layout of line plot grid controls if axis is relative time.
  • Bugfix: Line plots could be blocked if variable listed a longitude in its coordinates attribute.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.1.
  • Code linting and minor optimizations.

Version 4.8.4: Released 2017-10-05.

  • Bugfix: Contour line rendering failed to obtain tick values.
  • Bugfix: Validating degrees east or north in coordinate variable units attributes.
  • Added .ncdf to list of recognized netCDF filename extension.
  • Code linting and minor optimizations.

Version 4.8.3: Released 2017-09-30.

  • Library: Updated JCodec to v. 0.2.0 (final).
  • Removed "faux" cubed-sphere tests from gridding of auxiliary 2D lon-lat data.
  • Added support for geostationary projected lon-lat input grids that follow CF convention.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.11 (snapshot 9/14).
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.1.0.
  • Code linting and minor optimizations.

Version 4.8.2: Released 2017-08-02.

  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.0.5.
  • Library: Removed MacWidgets — use of it was almost nil.
  • Further improvements to recognition of trajectory variables that use 1D time coordinate vars.
  • Bugfix: Changing units in line-plot axis controls had no effect.
  • Bugfix: Changing units in line-plot scale controls did not update scale and stroke captions.
  • Bugfix: Uninterpolated plotting of very large "generic 2D" arrays extremely slow due to thrashing when extracting the array in chunks.

Version 4.8.1: Released 2017-06-30.

  • Bugfix: Some variables in trajectory featureType datasets that should be reported as "1D" plottable were not.
  • Bugfix: Errors accessing coordinates of second and later instances in multi-trajectory dataset.
  • Allow for trajectory variables that do not have an explicit time coordinate variable.
  • Provide additional choices in scale controls units menu for variables that have certain unit types.
  • Added "fraction" to optional non-standard units names.
  • Bugfix: Contour labels on lon-lat map plots used default format rather than use same as scale tick labels.
  • Bugfix: Progressive expansion/contraction of grid stroke dash pattern.
  • Bugfix: Possible failure to recognize lon-lat data on a 3D auxiliary grid.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.0.4.
  • Bugfix: Sources CDL info panel was not showing revised info for NCML files.
  • Added enhanced-mode option to sources section of View menu.

Version 4.8: Released 2017-06-12.

  • Better handling of Y-axis orientation for "generic 2D" plots where Y axis is depth.
  • Bugfix: KMZ export options were lost before saving file.
  • Bugfix: KMZ export colorbar background not painted, making black text, etc., invisible.
  • Bugfix: Plot of rotated-pole lon-lat data could be blank for certain combinations of plot size and rotation parameters.
  • Bugfix: Various issues if trying to export animation of a variable with no independent dimension.
  • Bugfix: Could not create georeferenced plot if variable had a coordinate var of type byte.
  • Bugfix: Tickmarks not drawn on logarithmic plot axes.
  • Improve appearance of log-in dialog if required to access remote data or catalog, and made log-in message clickable if it contained a URL.
  • Added controls for changing size of axes caption text.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.10.
  • Bugfix: Relative-time handler did not handle large negative values correctly.
  • Added ability to make vector plots of "generic" 2D data.
  • Refactored vector plotting in lat-vert and lon-vert plots.
  • Added "Fit to Color Table Range" plot menu item. This requires that the selected color table provide a range as, for example, the CPT format may do.
  • Refactored event handling for several of the scale setting actions.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.25.
  • Bugfix: Mixed-dashes and dotted stroke style patterns were swapped.
  • Bugfix: Reduce calls to perform repaints that could be caused by cursor movement.
  • Added dotted-minor contour stroke option.
  • Added stroke style options to line line plot preferences.
  • Minor re-organization of preferences tabs.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.0.3.
  • Bugfix: Line plotting included bad/missing/fill values if other than NaN.
  • Added ability to paint nightside shading on lon-lat map plots.
  • Added plotting of lon-lat trajectories, but requires that dataset follows CF convention for trajectory or tarjectoryProfile "featureType". Note: Can be very slow if trajectories are long (i.e., > 50k pts.).
  • Dropped support for exporting animations in QuickTime or AVI format due to age of library and inadequacies of the results, as compared to exporting as MP4.
  • Improve error reporting when unable to plot due to dimension variable with wrong rank.

Version 4.7: Released 2017-02-27.

  • Java 8 is now required to run Panoply.
  • Bugfix: Sources CDL info panel did not update when using search function to change selected data/variable in Sources treetable.
  • Added controls to allow left-side-only and right-side-only outliers on scale colorbar and for reducing spacing between outlier shape and main colorbar.
  • Rewrote layout of plot axis controls (again).
  • Added controls for axes tickmark appearance and tick label sizes.
  • Added control for offsetting plot axes for line plots.
  • Display of splash window at launch no longer optional; only skipped if app opened via macOS file handler.
  • Re-organized View menu.
  • Added "Check for Updates" to preferences and to Help menu.
  • Bugfix: Items in Create Plot button's popup menu did not refresh to match source selection.
  • Updated appearance of various table and tree-table interface components.
  • Bugfix: Lon-lat vector plots based on variables of magnitude and azimuth not plotting correctly.
  • Bugfix: Options dialog broken for animations of line plots.
  • Better clean-up when MP4 animation export is canceled by user.
  • Sources window info panel displays variable value if it is a numeric scalar.
  • Added preference to allow for some commonly mis-used units abbreviations.
  • Some re-organization of preferences controls.
  • Able to plot some cubed-sphere lon-lat gridded data.
  • Bugfix: Possible null coordinate variable reported for 3D auxiliary lon-lat grids.
  • Bugfix: Vectors might be drawn on lon-vert plots if "vector magnitude" combination selected, but controls for vector appearance were not shown.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.8.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.0.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.24.

Version 4.6.2: Released 2016-10-31.

  • Scale colorbar's border stroke now scales with plot size.
  • Added left and right footnote options to plot label controls for, e.g., including credit info.
  • Added ability to specify formatting for min-max footnote values different from scale tickmark format.
  • Library: Updated Apache Commons Lang to v. 3.5.
  • Added MP4 (via JCodec library) to choices for exporting animations.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.4.

Version 4.6.1: Released 2016-09-30.

  • Bugfix: Generic 2D plotting of HDF data blocked if either dimension unnamed.
  • Bugfix: Horizontal rendering artifacts could appear when drawing line plots with a large number of points.
  • Bugfix: Launch/Open panel missing from prefs.
  • Bugfix: Symbol size for point shapefile map overlays did not scale with plot size.
  • Added controls and preferences for specifying symbol size when using point shapefile map overlay.
  • Added more options to animation export dialog, including start, stop and stride.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.7 (snapshot).
  • Bugfix: (macOS) App would not launch if a Java 9 early-access JRE or JDK installed.
  • Further test to ensure that trajectory data not mistakenly identified as lon-lat gridded.
  • Bugfix: CDL data export for an individual variable failed if var in a hierarchical group.

Version 4.6: Released 2016-08-31.

  • Improved window-size management for Sources and Help windows in multi-display set-up with different display sizes.
  • Improved window management when exporting display via X11.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.21.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.6.
  • Bugfix: Could not create combination plot if second var was on reduced-horizontal grid.
  • Bugfix: Lat-, lon- and time-vert plots always initialized with scalar vert axis, ignoring preference setting.
  • Bugfix: KMZ plot exports included border even when de-selected.
  • Implemented zooming (in, out and drag) for all non-lon-lat plot types.
  • Re-organized layout of scale and grid controls for all plot types, adding axis range controls in cases where they were not previously available and adding menu commands to swap and reset axis range bounds.
  • Better handling of fill and valid range attributes for unsigned int variables when expressed as negatives.
  • Added preference to set whether Y-axis orientation of generic 2D plots is positive up or down.
  • Watch for "double enhanced" coordinate variables when extracting CDL text to show in sources info panel.
  • Added support for cylindrical equal-area projected lon-lat input grids.
  • Hairlines added to crosshairs cursor.
  • Bugfix: Uninterpolated generic 2D plot could be blank if log-10 axis selected and axis had negative endpoint.

Version 4.5.1: Released 2016-05-31.

  • Bugfix: Plot title too low if subtitle also present.
  • Bugfix: (OS X) Crash at launch if JRE not found in expected location.
  • Further improved recognition and handling of lon-lat data using 3D auxiliary grids.
  • Bugfix: Click-for-info on non-lon-lat 2D plots had redundant margin offset.
  • Bugfix: Wrong coordinate var might be reported if correct var's name did not case-wise match dimension name.

Version 4.5: Released 2016-04-20.

  • Bugfix: Speckling effect in interpolated plots of data on reduced horizontal grid.
  • Click-for-info implemented for plots based on data on reduced horizontal grid.
  • Data table tab panel now displays values for data on reduced horizontal grid.
  • Added ability to plot ISCCP equal-area grid based on similarities to CF reduced horizontal grid convention.
  • Bugfix: Possible axes swap for swath data in HDF-5 datasets if using unnamed dimensions of equal length.
  • Refactored variable coordinates analysis to reduce redundant code and to improve detection of georeferencing when not reported by NJ library code.
  • Bugfix: CPT color tables with unparseable color data were not rejected, which caused later trouble when trying to use them.
  • Revised handling of colorbar tick size menu choices.
  • Contour label text scales with plot size similarly to other text.
  • Bugfix: Possible (silent) null pointer exception when using link dialog with a combination plot.
  • Thoroughly rewrote line plot code to better display data with a large number (> 1000) of steps on the plot axis. Implemented Ramer-Douglas-Peucker simplification for the case of there being a very large number (> 10000) of steps.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.5.
  • Library: (OS X) Updated Java OS X launcher to March 16 Infinite Kind appbundler commit.
  • Bugfix: Gridding bounds did not reset when toggling from zonal average plot to a regional map plot.
  • Implemented additional buffering to reduce plot redraws and improve interface response.
  • CPT color table constructor uses min and max colors for below-min and above-max outliers iff no outlier colors defined in file.
  • Bugfix: Floating-point error of order 1E-8 when interpolating between four points with identical value.

Version 4.4.3: Released 2016-02-29.

  • Bugfix: "All files" filter not working in open-file chooser for non-OS X systems.
  • Bugfix: Localization problem when saving extra map projection parameters to preferences.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.4.
  • Bugfix: Grid labels for generic 2D displayed default values even if user chose alternative units.
  • Additional ability to detect data on auxiliary lon-lat grid even if NJ library failed to dtect a coordinate system.
  • Bugfix: Possible silent failure to report presence of variables in HDF-5 datasets if they used unnamed dimensions.

Version 4.4.2: Released 2016-01-31.

  • Refactored filechooser construction and (OS X) replaced JNI/libpanoply native library with more general JNI/libgiss.
  • Added control to change data table display row and column titles from grid value to grid index.
  • Bugfix: Display of 1D data table did not respond to flip-L/R control.
  • Display of 1D data table modified to match vertical vs horizontal plot axis orientation.
  • Improved handling of lon-lat data using 3D auxiliary grids.
  • Added tests for data axes that are not monotonic, and therefore not suited to be plotted by Panoply.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.3.

Version 4.4.1: Released 2015-12-30.

  • Bugfix: Printf code result could be incorrect if "" format used and the formatted number was larger than 1E7.
  • Added "Use Default" buttons to X and/or Y grid axis range controls for various plot types.
  • Tweaked determination of time format string used in independent dimension controls.
  • Added control for weight of border on lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Change in lon-lat map projection could be double-fired.
  • Restored drag-and-drop functionality of colorbars and overlays from desktop into plot windows and into colorbar and overlay browsers.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.2
  • Bugfix: Zoom-out action might not be enabled for map plots when it should be.

Version 4.4.0: Released 2015-12-10.

  • Bugfix: Possible thread deadlock when drag-and-dropping color table file icon from desktop into color table prefs panel.
  • Optionally include scale colorbar when exporting KMZ file of map plot.
  • Bugfix: Line plot elements could be drawn outside scroll panel if plot larger than plot window size.
  • Pressing delete in sources browser invokes remove action (if enabled) for selected node.
  • Refactored all 2D plot types and backing data grids (except lon-lat maps) to simplify and reduce redundant code.
  • Added vertical line plotting.
  • Refactored horizontal line plotting to share common code with vertical line plotting.
  • Refactored all scale controls to reduce redundant code.
  • Horizontal line plots may have logarithmic scale.
  • Added menu options for controlling width of central plot area relative to total width, allowing for wider left and right margins.
  • Bugfix: Size of logarithmic ticks on a scale colorbar did not scale with plot size.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.1.
  • Added link button to grid-spacing controls for lon-lat map plot.
  • Include labeled sample stroke in lon-lat zonal average line plots.
  • Removed (optional) inclusion of map projection footnote from lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Array combinations in line plots could only be created using drag-and-drop.

Version 4.3.2: Released 2015-11-03.

  • Bugfix: CPT color table handler ignored background and foreground (i.e., outlier) color definitions if present.
  • Bugfix: Array construction failed for generic 2D plots of HDF data with unnamed dimensions of equal length.
  • Bugfix: Continued decimal character localization problem with some map projection parameter settings.
  • Lon-lat vector plots may be made combining component variables of magnitude and azimuth.
  • Bugfix: Right edge of map plots of projected-grid data might show a strip of missing data where there is good data.

Version 4.3.1: Released 2015-09-29.

  • Refactored messaging from plot controls of changes to X- and Y-axis method and range settings.
  • Bugfix: Y-axis top value could not be less than bottom value for line plots.
  • Bugfix: Possible thread conflict when exporting an animation of a plot with contours.
  • Added preference option to disable sorting items in Sources datasets panel alphabetically.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.3.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.0.
  • Bugfix: Sources tree-table did not show/hide structure variables in respond to change of visible variable setting.

Version 4.3.0: Released 2015-08-24.

  • Bugfix: Save-image always invoked save-image-as file dialog.
  • Bugfix: Symbol size for point shapefile map overlays did not scale with plot size.
  • Bugfix: Save dialog not showing suggested file name when first constructed.
  • Bugfix: Search for coordinate variables when constructing plot could quietly fail if null dimension encountered.
  • Improved clean-up of canceled tasks, e.g., halting an animation export before completion.
  • Refactored color table and map overlay management, moving code into GISSutils and GISSmap libraries.
  • Added ability to save PS and PDF plot graphics in fully vectorized form rather than as a combination of vector art and bitmap. This option must be enabled via the preferences.
  • Output "paper size" for saved PS and PDF graphics may be specified via preferences. Default is "US Letter".
  • Bugfix: Drawing of vector lon-lat plot could be blocked for exceptional combinations of map projection parameters and plot size.
  • (OS X) Replaced Quaqua filechooser with native file dialog called via JNI/libpanoply.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.5.
  • Longitude and latitude grid spacing may have different values on map plots.

Version 4.2.2: Released 2015-06-29.

  • Bugfix: Vertical axis controls not visible in grid controls tab for lat-vert and lon-vert plots.
  • Library: Upgraded Apache Commons Lang to v. 3.4.
  • Added controls and prefs to select stroke style for map plot outline overlays.
  • Added long-dash, dot-dash and mixed-dash patterns to stroke style choices.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.2.
  • Bugfix: Handling of overlay weight > 100 if overlay is a mask.
  • Added ability to read azimuthal equidistant grid mappings for lon-lat data if tagged using CF convention.
  • Allow grid mapping name "rotated_latlon_grib" for rotated-pole projected grid.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.3.
  • Height of core plot area may be changed to allow for plots with height:width ratios other than the standard 1:2.

Version 4.2.1: Released 2015-05-29.

  • Added option and preference to omit sample vector from alongside scale colorbar when making vector plots.
  • Fit-to-data for zonal average plot uses min and max of zonal averages rather than min and max of all data.
  • Bugfix: (OS X) Open-file dialog might appear even if app launched via doubleclick on a dataset icon.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.1 (final).
  • Doubled maximum allowed grid, contour and overlay line weights to 200%.
  • Added capability to link matching dimensions when making a combined-variable plot so that changing the setting of one variable's dimension appropriately changes the setting of the other variable's dimension.
  • (Win) Added "universal" Windows version which should better adapt to computer's available memory.

Version 4.2.0: Released 2015-04-30.

  • Converted find feature in sources window from a modal dialog to a text field in the window layout.
  • Bugfix: Animation export might fail with bad compressor key for QuickTime with quality 100%.
  • Variable "slicer" rewritten to omit pop-up menu widget if dimension is overly long (i.e., > 1200 steps).
  • Bugfix: Test for correct shape of auxiliary lon-lat coordinate bounds variable missed a possible false case.
  • Bugfix: Time-date formatter mysteriously switching relative time units with explicit UTC timezone to display as "Antarctica/Troll" zone.
  • Implemented plotting of lon-lat data on a 3D auxiliary grid for very specific cases of identifying metadata, notably the case of the third grid dimension being explicitly identified as "band" (e.g., a satellite sensor wavelength).
  • Added time-vert plots.
  • Refactored grid controls for all 2D plot types except lon-lat maps to minimize redundant code.
  • Check for wraparound of lon-lat reduced horizontal grid to see if interpolation should cross "seam" between edges.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.1 snapshot. This should allow for opening HDF-5 datasets that use huge attributes.

Version 4.1.2: Released 2015-03-31.

  • Added control and preference for size of grid labels on cylindric lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Test for valid latitude extrema in lat-vert grid plot controls could silently reject good values.
  • Bugfix: Command-line options were ignored.
  • Bugfix: File chooser did not appear at launch even when required in preferences.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.2.
  • Either or both axes of generic 2D plots may be set to logarithmic.
  • Refactored generic 2D, lat-vert, and lon-vert gridding and plotting to reduce redundant code.
  • Remember Sources window layout between app uses.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.5.5.
  • Bugfix: Cases reported of a localization problem where conversion of numbers to/from text used a different decimal character.
  • Bugfix: Create-plot dialog blocked if variable dimension name was reported null, as might occur in an HDF dataset.

Version 4.1.1: Released 2015-02-09.

  • Bugfix: Class cast error when formatting some relative-time axes values.
  • Added control and preference for size of text labels on plot contour lines.
  • Improved visibility of vector markings.

Version 4.1.0: Released 2015-01-30.

  • A Java 7 JRE or better is now required to run Panoply.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.5.4.
  • Bugfix: Combine-plot dialog did not list any line-plot windows.
  • Added user controls and preferences for selecting symbols used when marking shapefile overlay points.
  • Allow zoom in and out on map plots using using conic projection.
  • Bugfix: Zoom-out on equirectangular regional map lon-lat plots could partially fail.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.1, allowing for use of point and multipoint shapefiles and load-on-demand input of outline overlays, and adding various two-hemisphere azimuthal projections.
  • Bugfix: Auxiliary 1D lon-lat coordinates might be treated as generic axes.
  • Bugfix: Layout of data display panel blocked when making a line plot and variable has > four dimensions.
  • Bugfix: Plot of lon-lat data on a projected grid appeared coarse if plot area much smaller than input data area.
  • Added control and preference for width of scale color bar relative to width of 2D plot area. Default value is 60%.
  • Library: (OS X) Update Quaqua to latest karlvr fork.

Version 4.0.5: Released 2014-10-17.

  • Eliminated zonal average grid style and weight as separate preferences.
  • Additional options for formatting tick labels on time axes.
  • Bugfix: Click-zoom on equirectangular map lon-lat plots silently failed if click point too close to pole.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.6, allowing for use of shapefiles (*.SHP) as outline overlays on lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Dashed and dotted lines became solid when plot saved in PS format.
  • Added simplistic find feature to Sources window when datasets panel is visible.
  • Overly long labels and captions are clipped and an ellipsis appended.
  • Combination line plots can be made if variables have an identical axis.
  • Redesigned line plot controls to allow for specifying second stroke if comparing.
  • Combination generic 2D plots can be made if variables have two identical axes.
  • Bugfix: Open-file dialog at launch accepted all understood file types but would try to open color tables and overlays as datasets.
  • Bugfix: Export as CSV or as labeled text was not coded to handle variables with less than two dimensions.
  • Improved performance when exporting variable data as CSV or as labeled text.
  • Show warning dialog for CSV or labeled-text export of large (> 20M elements) variable.
  • Bugfix: Some plot control panels not laid out correctly on (some) Linux look-and-feels.
  • This is the last version of Panoply that will support Java 6.

Version 4.0.4: Released 2014-07-31.

  • Bugfix: Projection footnote in lon-lat plots did not update font size if plot size was changed.
  • Bugfix: A variable with lon and lat dimensions both of length 1 was incorrectly considered geogridded-plottable.
  • Bugfix: When making generic XY plots, watch out for case of either X or Y axis being longitude.
  • Bugfix: Encountered a dataset in which trajectory coordinates were mistakenly identified as auxiliary 1D lon and lat axes.
  • Bugfix: Opening/importing additional map overlays always quietly failed.

Version 4.0.3: Released 2014-06-30.

  • Bugfix: Making line plots was blocked by a bugfix in 4.0.2.
  • Performance improvements for plotting of auxiliary lon-lat grids with relatively large number (> 20M) of cells.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.5.2.

Version 4.0.2: Released 2014-06-24.

  • Additional improvements to compatibility with multi-screen environment and with large displays.
  • Bugfix: Time-lat and lat-time plots blocked from plotting if variable had no longitude dimension.
  • Bugfix: Axes selectors for generic 2D plots and line plots in plot creation dialog did not watch for un-named variable dimensions, as may occur in HDF datasets.
  • Bugfix: Stereographic projected grid handler did not check for scale factor in grid metadata.
  • Added "King" and "Maximum" to plot size options. King is twice the dimensions of Standard, while Maximum is 2.5 times Standard dimensions.
  • Allow for plotting of any size plot (up to "Maximum"), no matter the size of user's display.
  • Bugfix: Auxiliary lon-lat data gridder did not watch for overly large longitude or latitude values which might indicate cells with no/bad data.

Version 4.0.1: Released 2014-05-28.

  • Replaced old GifEncoder with ImageIO calls.
  • Bugfix: Data on rotated-pole lon-lat grid dropped if rotated longitude dimension had values outside (-180,180) range.
  • Restored ability to save or print image from Color Table Browser.
  • Added controls to array data panel to flip table bottom-to-top and/or left-to-right.
  • Bugfix: Line plot y-axis range could not be changed if scale autofit turned on in preferences.
  • Bugfix: Mask overlays were not rendered transparent where original was white.
  • X-axis tick values for line plots formatted appropriately if detected to be of type relative-time.
  • Allow for choice of zonal average if generic 2D plot has an independent dimension of longitude.
  • Bugfix: Create-plot dialog included singled-valued dimensions amongst possible axes for generic 2D plots and 1D line plots.
  • Bugfix: Grid color set in preferences not applied to new plots.
  • Improved compatibility with multi-screen environment.
  • Library: netCDF-Java updated to v. 4.3.22.

Version 4.0: Released 2014-04-09.

  • Bugfix: Plot min-max initialized to wrong extrema when log-10 scale was specified in preferences.
  • Bugfix: Key command for toggling logarithmic scale did not fire.
  • Refactored lon-lat zonal line plot to better use scale meta class.
  • (OS X) Mac version now requires at least "Java for OS X 10.6 Update 3", released May 2010.
  • Added items to history menu to reopen dataset and catalog most recently opened. (An error dialog appears if dataset or catalog is currently open.)
  • Lon-lat map plots allow for two overlays to be applied.
  • Added .gem, for GEMPAK data files, to list of explicitly recognized dataset types.
  • Bugfix: Negative number error blocked plotting if source array included more than 231 points.
  • Bugfix: Transverse Mercator projected grid handler did not watch for alternative implementation in netCDF-Java library. Also did not doublecheck easting and northing units (i.e., m vs. km).
  • Re-factored gridding for all previously available plot types. Lon-lat plots no longer differentiate between 'coarse' and 'fine' input grids. Input grids are no longer 'flipped' if an axis is not oriented in a specific direction.
  • Grid controls and preferences for all previously available plot types re-organized, and some new options added.
  • Added "generic" 2D plotting for data that is not geo-gridded or which does not follow a well-known metadata convention..
  • Added lon-time and lat-time plots, i.e., Hovmöller diagrams.
  • Added simple line plotting for, e.g., time series.
  • Bugfix: Export CSV and Export Labeled Text commands could fail silently.
  • Bugfix: Periodic preferences autosave was not saving.
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Appearance of JButtons in plot controls.
  • Library: Upgraded GISSmap to v. 1.5.1, allowing for Transverse Mercator (Sphere) and Patterson's Natural Earth projections.
  • Min-max note for lon-lat plots also shows mean value if map projection is global.
  • Added support for UTM projected lon-lat input grids.
  • Library: Upgraded Apache Commons Lang to v. 3.3.
  • Library: Upgraded netCDF-Java to v. 4.3.21.
  • Overhauled handling of color tables and map overlays. Those included in the distribution are now embedded within Panoply code jar rather than supplementary folders.
  • Re-designed Preferences window and added panels for new plot types and for managing imported color tables and map overlays.
  • Able to read NCL Graphics RGB color tables.
  • Bugfix: Color pop-up menus included redundant colors in place of darker choices.
  • Library: (OS X) Upgraded Quaqua to v. 9.1.

For previous version history, see:
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Version 1.x History.

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