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Documentation Files

The hypertext mark-up language (HTML) version of the MOLSCAT documentation is a set of files which, when placed in the same subdirectory, have only local (within the same directory) hypertext links. It is therefore suitable for loading on a local machine where it may be "read" with an HTML viewer, such as Netscape, Internet Explorer, Lynx, etc., without the necessity of a network connection.

The files are available as a Unix tar file. The files can be extracted using the tar command at the Unix shell, i.e.:

   tar -xvf "filename"

This will create a subdirectory named doc which contains files index.html; SectionN.html (where N = 1 to 10); References.html; and tutorial.html. index.html is the Title page and Table of Contents and SectionN.html are the individual sections. The "forward" and "back" icons are also included as *.gif files. You may rename and/or move the whole doc directory if desired; the links should work properly as long as all the files are in the same subdirectory.

Some uncompression shareware utilities such as StuffIt Expander allow you to extract files from a Unix tar archive without the necessity of shell command lines such as above.

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