Mars24 Sunclock — Time on Mars

Version History

The current version of Mars24 is 8.0.1 released 2019-02-13.

Version 8.0.1: Released 2019-02-13.

  • Removed MER-B Opportunity from landers and clocks displayed by default.
  • Show AMT offset in clock view if local mean zonal time is selected for Mars location.
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Quit-watcher might trigger before clock and graphic windows appear.

Version 8.0: Released 2018-12-13.

  • Java 8 is required to run Mars24.
  • Added "Check for Updates" tool to preferences and to Help menu.
  • Added VIS DIM2.1 map to list of sunclock map choices.
  • Bugfix: Incorrect label on current dot in analemma display.
  • (macOS) Use Java 9+ Desktop handlers if running that Java version.
  • Rewrote help/credits windows to use JavaFX WebView, if available.
  • (macOS) Partially accomodate Mojave "Dark Mode".
  • Re-factored drawing of tickmarks and labels on Orbits plot.
  • Re-organized settings/preferences window.
  • Added controls to allow additional Orbits plot tickmarks to be labeled.
  • Added a few more projections to sunclock map choices.
  • Update landing coordinates for MER-A Spirit to Doppler tracking values given by Li et al. (2005).
  • Added Mars Insight (NSYT) mission timekeeping.
  • Updated landing coordinates for Mars InSight (NSYT) to estimated location; will be updated when more accurate values are announced.
  • Added two dozen other geographical features to preset list, including largest craters.
  • NASA Mars 2020 landing site may be marked on sunclock by selecting Jezero Crater from landmarks.
  • ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars 2020 landing site may be marked on sunclock by selecting Oxia Planum from landmarks.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.25.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 2.3.3.
  • Library: Switched to Apache PDFBox (v. 2.0.13) for PDF output.
  • Code de-linting and minor optimizations.

Version 7.1: Released 2015-06-30.

Version 7.0: Released 2012-08-03.

Version 6.0: Released 2008-05-22.

Version 5.5: Released 2005-11-30.

Version 5.2: Released 2004-02-20.

Version 5.1: Released 2003-10-30.

Version 5.0: Released 2003-07-28.

Version 4.5: Released 2002-11-07.

Version 4.0: Released 2002-04-25.

Version 3.5: Released 2001-04-11.

Version 3.0: Released 2000-09-15.

Version 2.0: Released 2000-01-21.

Version 1.0: Released 1998-04-15.

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