Mars24 Sunclock — Time on Mars

Screenshot of sample Mars24 v. 8.2.2 display

The Mars24 software displays a Mars sunclock, a graphical representation of the planet Mars showing its current sun- and nightsides, along with a numerical readout of the "standard" Mars time as well lander and other local times. Other displays include a plot showing the relative orbital positions of Mars and Earth and a diagram showing the solar angle and path for a given location on Mars.

Mars24 is a cross-platform application that runs on Macintosh, Windows, Linux and other desktop computers.

The current version of Mars24 is 8.3.1, released 2023-05-18.

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Mars24 requires a computer with a Java 11 (or later version) runtime environment installed.

Documentation and Credits

Other information available here includes:

Also on the GISS website is a 1998 science brief titled "Telling Time on Mars".


Please send queries and bug reports about Mars24 to Dr. Robert B. Schmunk.

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