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Hypertext Help with LaTeX


\verb char literal_text char


\verb*char literal_text char

Typesets literal_text exactly as typed, including special characters and spaces, using a typewriter (\tt) font. There may be no space between \verb or \verb* and char (space is shown here only for clarity). The *-form differs only in that spaces are printed as "visual" spaces, i.e., a short, squat "u".

Any char except a space (or a * for the \verb form) may be chosen as the delimiter. Thus, the input

 \verb1This!is?the##1 verbatim ...

would produce

This!is?the## verbatim ...

The \verb command may not be used in the argument of another command. For example, it cannot be used in the text of a sectioning command.

See also Environments, verbatim
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Revised 20 Oct 1995.