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These commands define or redefine an environment.

  • nam The name of the environment. For \newenvironment there must be no currently defined environment by that name, nor may the command \nam be currently defined. For \renewenvironment the environment "nam" must already be defined. nam may contain letters, numbers, and asterisks; it may not begin with "end...".
  • args An integer from 1 to 9 denoting the number of arguments of the newly-defined environment. The default is no arguments.
  • begdef The text substituted for every occurrence of \begin{nam}; a parameter of the form #n in begdef is replaced by the text of the nth argument when this substitution takes place.
  • enddef The text substituted for every occurrence of \end{nam}. It may not contain any argument parameters.

Changes in LaTeX2e

It is possible to have an optional argument, the form of the command being


If opt is present, the first of the args arguments is optional with default value opt. If it is absent all arguments are mandatory.

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