JIGSAW(GEO): Mesh Generation for Unstructured GCMs

JIGSAW(GEO) is a set of algorithms designed to generate complex, variable resolution unstructured meshes for geophysical modelling applications, including: global ocean and atmospheric simulation, numerical weather prediction, coastal ocean modelling and ice-sheet dynamics.

Sample Image of generated mesh

JIGSAW(GEO) is designed to produce very high-quality Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi tessellations appropriate for unstructured finite-volume/element type models of planetary climate dynamics. Grids can be generated in local two-dimensional domains or over general spheroidal surfaces. Mesh resolution can be adapted to follow complex user-defined metrics, including, for example, topographic contours, discrete solution profiles or coastal features. Such capabilities enable the generation of complex, multi-resolution climate process models, with simulation fidelity enhanced in regions of interest.

In addition to the C++ source code, a MATLAB/OCTAVE based scripting interface is provided, offering facilities for file I/O, mesh visualisation and pre-/post-processing. The underlying JIGSAW library incorporates a collection of 'provably-good' unstructured triangle- and tetrahedron-based meshing algorithms, designed to produce very high quality Delaunay-based grids for computational simulation. JIGSAW includes both Delaunay-refinement based algorithms for the construction of new meshes, as well as optimisation-driven methods for the improvement of existing grids.

Getting Started

The JIGSAW(GEO) code is hosted on the author's page on GitHub. See the README for information on compiling and configuring the code, and for details on running the example problems included in the repository.

JIGSAW(GEO) has been successfully tested on various 64-bit Linux, Mac and Windows-based platforms. It requires a compiler supporting C++11x or later.


Engwirda, D., 2017: JIGSAW-GEO (1.0): Locally orthogonal staggered unstructured grid generation for general circulation modelling on the sphere, Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 2117-2140, doi:10.5194/gmd-10-2117-2017

Engwirda, D., 2017: Generalised primal-dual grids for unstructured co-volume schemes, submitted. Preprint available on arXiv.


Please address all inquiries about this software to Dr. Darren Engwirda.