G.Projector — Global Map Projector

Download G.Projector

G.Projector requires a computer with a Java 8 (or later) runtime environment installed.

The current version of G.Projector is 2.3.3, released 2018-10-29.

Install and Run G.Projector

After downloading the appropriate G.Projector archive linked above, uncompress the archive file on your desktop. Within is a README text file with an explanation of the contents of the download, instructions on how to launch the application, and some notes on possible launch bugs and/or performance tuning.

We would like to point out the following possible installation and launch issues:

If you find that after download and installation, G.Projector won't start, a possible reason might be that you don't have a Java Runtime Engine (JRE) installed on your computer. To check for this, use the website utility that looks for Java on your desktop and automatically downloads it if necessary. Go to the Java.com website and click on the "Free Download" button.

On macOS: In a few cases it has been reported that G.Projector freezes up when the save file dialog is displayed. If this happens on your system, please try downloading and running the "(JFC)" version.

On Windows: You must extract G.Projector from the ZIP archive before you try to run it. If you simply open the ZIP file and then double-click on the G.Projector icon, you will get a class-loader error because it cannot access certain files.

On Linux etc: The TGZ archive of G.Projector "generic" was created using a BSD tar on macOS. Using GNU-tar to uncompress the package will probably print several "Ignoring unknown extended header keyword" warning messages. You should be able to ignore these messages.

Download Map Overlays

Beginning with version 2, G.Projector's' "standard" selection of map overlays is built into the application. Additional map overlays may be opened for a single session or added to your favorites library for continued use. Overlays must be CNO or CNOB outlines or else outline or multipoint SHP shapefiles.

A selection of CNO or CNOB is available for download from the Panoply application webpage.

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