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The current version of G.Projector is 3.2.5, released 2024-06-20.

Version 3.x Changelog

Version 3.2.5: Released 2024-06-20.

  • Open and save filechoosers retain more state info between uses during session.
  • Added Renner-Apian (Renner Homalographic?) projection (#237).
  • Tweaked latitude of fusion in Bartholomew Tetrahedral projection.

Version 3.2.4: Released, 2024-02-25.

  • Added Pseudo-Stereographic projection (#235).
  • Added Pseudo-Orthographic projection (#236).

Version 3.2.3: Released, 2024-01-31.

  • Added Canters Polyconic W31 and W32 projections (#232, #233).
  • Added USGS Daisy projection (#234), as seen in various USGS Astrogeology maps.
  • Added Jacaranda-like interruption for continents to interrupted pseudocylindric options.
  • Bugfix: Pole-centered fusion "flower" projections ignored specified reference longitudes.
  • Bugfix: Calculation of poles of interrupted Goode Homolosine.
  • Bugfix: XY→LL method in several projections not catching possible NaN result.
  • Bugfix: XY→LL method in several projections did not ignore some XY locations outside map border.
  • Bugfix: Lambert-Lagrange response to parameter changes.
  • Bugfix: Cassini calculation of max bounds.

Version 3.2.2: Unreleased, 2023-11-30

  • Bugfix: Bonne Regional might not honor new center latitude when new center coordinates set.

Version 3.2.1: Released, 2023-10-30.

  • Draw meridians of interrupted forms of Mollweide as elliptic arc segments.
  • Do not draw interrupted pseudocylindric projection meridians where under gore borders.
  • Enabled graticule labeling for interrupted pseudocylindric projections if uninterrupted form is selected.

Version 3.2.0: Released, 2023-10-22.

  • Added Double Cordiform projection (#230).
  • Refactored Bonne, Stabius-Werner, and conic projections to reduce redundant code.
  • Refactored pole-centered fusion "flower" projections to reduce redundant code.
  • Refactored many projections' use of temporary graphics objects during projection rendering.
  • Bugfix: Meridians not drawn on Central Cylindrical projection if max. latitude less than ±67°.
  • Bugfix: Rendering of central meridians on Wagner VII and VII projections and variants.
  • Bugfix: (macOS) UI misbehavior with dropdown menus if Mac updated to Sonoma.
  • Bugfix: Handling of disabled menu command keystrokes when a palette has focus.
  • Bugfix: Visibility of control palettes after saving map as bitmap image.
  • Added Bonne Regional projection (#231).
  • Refactored drawing of meridians and/or parallels for multiple projections, especially those lines along circular or elliptic arcs.
  • Refactored drawing of border lines for multiple projections, especially pseudocylindrics.
  • Bugfix: Meridian labels could be missing from about 10 pseudocylindrics that should have been able to display them.
  • Refactored Fournier II, Hatano, Loximuthal, and Van der Grinten III projections to subclass from GlobalPseudocylindric and thereby also enabled grid labeling for them.
  • Bugfix: Examples of Hufnagel III and I in help pages based on incorrect input parameters.

Version 3.1.1: Released, 2023-08-23.

  • Add status bar to various windows and display progress item there for some activities.
  • Bugfix: Meridians not drawn on Mercator projection if max. latitude less than ±67°.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 3.0.0.
  • Library: Updated pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 3.0.0.

Version 3.1.0: Released 2023-05-30.

  • Java 11 is required to run G.Projector.
  • Added Eckert I and II projections (#228-229).
  • Bugfix: Quiet failure saving output as PDF.
  • Re-designed Preferences window.
  • Enabled graticule labeling for many pseudocylindric projections.
  • Re-positioned meridian labels in cylindric projections.
  • Bugfix: Was not displaying macOS native filechooser if on Intel Mac.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 2.0.7.

Version 3.0.9: Release 2023-04-28.

  • Allow for edge angle > 90° (up to 120°) in Azimuthal Far-Side Perspective projection.
  • Added two-hemisphere version of Airy azimuthal projection (#220).
  • Bugfix: Border drawing for point-pole pseudocylindric projections with nearly flat curves approaching the poles (e.g., Györffy B).
  • Added two-hemisphere version of Ginzburg I and II azimuthal projections (#221-222).
  • Added Murdoch I and III conic projections (#223-224).
  • Added Euler conic projection (#225).
  • Added Vitkovsky I conic projection (#226).
  • Added Kavraisky II conic projection (#227).

Version 3.0.8: Release 2023-03-28.

  • Added Apian I globular projection (#219).
  • (macOS) Provide download specifically for M1/M2 Mac with ARM64 Java.

Version 3.0.7: Release 2023-02-25.

  • Added Canters Optimization variant (Canters W01) to Wagner I projection.
  • Added Canters Optimization variant (Canters W02) to Wagner II projection.
  • Added Canters Optimization variant (Canters W06) to Wagner VI projection.
  • Added Canters Optimization variant (Canters W09) to Wagner IX projection.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.27.
  • Library: Updated pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 0.42.

Version 3.0.6: Release 2022-11-19.

  • Added Baranyi V, VI and VII projections (#215-217) using Zelenka's method.
  • Added Strebe's Sinucyli projection (#218).
  • Code cleaning in most ellipse projections.

Version 3.0.5: Unreleased, 2022-07-22.

  • Added Cabot projection (#214).

Version 3.0.4: Released 2022-05-25.

  • Added Baranyi I, II and III projections (#211-#213), using Zelenka's method.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.26.
  • Library: Updated pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 0.38.

Version 3.0.3: Released 2022-03-27.

  • Added projection list to in-app help pages.
  • Added Snyder Minimum-Error Pointed Pole (#209) and Snyder Minimum-Error Flat Pole (#210) projections.
  • Added Oxford Atlas scaling variant to the Winkel Tripel projection.
  • Bugfix: Two scaling parameters were swapped in Wagner IX projection and in most of its variants.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.32.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.25.
  • Library: Updated JDOM to v.

Version 3.0.2: Released 2021-10-08.

  • Rewrote version update checker as a Task so that connectivity problems do not block UI.
  • Renamed all previously added Frančula variants to Wagner's projections using Jung's numbering scheme.
  • Added Frančula II and Frančula VII projections as variants of the Wagner VI.
  • Bugfix: Save-to-prefs menu command did not commit projection name.
  • Bugfix: Button clicks in palette headers might be ignored for some mouse types.

Version 3.0.1: Released 2021-09-28.

  • Bugfix: (Win/Linux) Keystroke for Shading controls palette.
  • Minor tweaks to control palettes appearance.
  • Bugfix: (Win/Linux) "Quit watcher" could trigger while input options dialog on screen.
  • Added Frančula A21 (aka, Frančula XI) projections as a variant of the Wagner VI.
  • (macOS): Use default document icons.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.24.

Version 3.0: Released 2021-08-04.

  • Re-designed map controls interface to use palettes (floating windows) instead of tab panes.
  • Allow for choice of symbol size if overlay is a multipoint shapefile.
  • Preferences re-organized.
  • Menu items re-organized.
  • Re-worked help pages, including addition of references page.
  • Bugfix: (Win) Updated launcher tool, which should reduce "Java 9 not found" issues.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.21.
  • Library: Updated pdfbox-graphics2d to v. 0.31.

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