Software Tools

This page provides links to several self-contained, downloadable software products that have been developed by GISS personnel, either for specific research purposes or for more general analytic use.

Climate Modeling

GISS GCM - Model E

Fortran 90 source and documentation for the GISS ModelE series of coupled atmosphere-ocean models. These models have been used for our contribution to the CMIP3 and CMIP5 archives of model simulation results.
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Fortran source and documentation for the 1980s version of the GISS global climate model, used in the NASA GISS global warming simulations described in 1988. The code is maintained and distributed by the Columbia University EdGCM project.
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Exoplanets & Planetary Science


Fortran 90 source and documentation for a version of GISS modelE GCM specially adapted for planetary (non-modern-Earth) simulations.
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Desktop application that calculates the solar and mean time for any location on the planet Mars, presenting the data as digital readouts and in "sunclock" format. (Requires Java)
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Fortran source for quantum mechanical solution of nonreactive molecular scattering, useful in astrophysical studies.
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Data Visualization


Desktop application that interactively plots georeferenced and other data encoded in the netCDF, HDF and GRIB file formats. (Requires Java)
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Desktop application that explores about 200 map projections, including transformation of input equirectangular map images. (Requires Java)
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T-Matrix Codes

Fortran source code for computing electromagnetic scattering by nonspherical and aggregated particles.
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Bidirectional Reflection Codes

Fortran source code for computing bidirectional reflection function for a semi-infinite homogeneous slab composed of arbitrarily shaped, randomly oriented particles.
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Numerical Tools


C++ package to generate variable resolution unstructured mesh grids in complex domains.It is useful for multi-resolution GCMs and climate process modelling.
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