ROSES Code S and T Workshop 2005 - Agenda/Abstracts/Presentations

Date: February 17, 2005
Time: Noon -- 5pm
Location: N245 Auditorium


Michael Way (SS), Ashok Srivastava (TC), David Thompson (TC), Creon Levit (TI), Joe Coughlan (SG), Jeffrey Scargle (SS)

Time Speaker Title Abstract Presentation
12:00-12:15 Ken Galal (NBO) New Business Office Update on NSPIRES
and External Funding Sources
abstract ppt
12:15-12:25 Bob McMurray (Code PM) The Sensors and Instrumentation branch abstract ppt
12:25-12:35 Rich Keller (Code TI) Collaborative and Assistant Systems Research abstract ppt
12:35-12:45 Jeff Cuzzi (SST) Overview of research in Code SST no-abstract ppt,pdf
12:45-1:00 Mark Schwabacher (Code TI) Anomaly Detection for Scientific Data abstract ppt


- - -
1:00-1:15 Sandy Davis (Code SST) The Evolutionary Chemistry of Protoplanetary Disks abstract ppt
1:15-1:30 Jack Lissauer (Code SST) Terrestrial Planet Formation in Binary Star Systems abstract ppt
1:30-1:45 David Schwenke (Code TNA) High accuracy spectroscopic data from calculations abstract ppt,pdf
1:45-2:00 Galina Chaban (Code TNA) Spectroscopic signatures of small biological molecules:
identification of building blocks of prebiotic evolution
abstract ppt


- - -
2:00-2:15 Scott Sandford (Code SSA) Current Status and Possible Futures of the ABE
and ASPIRE Mission Concepts
2:15-2:30 Dogan Timucin (Code TC) Physics-based modeling and retrieval for planetary
and astrophysical remote-sensing data analysis
abstract pdf
2:30-2:45 Kagan Tumer (Code TC) Distributed Agent Coordination for Science Missions abstract
2:45-3:00 Dale Cruikshank (Code SSA) Infrared Spectroscopy of Solar System Bodies:
Remote Sensing from Spacecraft and Earth-Based Telescopes
abstract ppt


- - -
3:00-3:15 HJ Jost (Code SG) Trace gas detection in the Earth Atmosphere
using laser spectrometry
abstract pdf
3:15-3:30 Max Bernstein (Code SSA) False biomarkers, and the search for life
in the solar system
abstract ppt
3:30-3:45 Timothy Lee (Code TNA) Studies aimed at determining the importance
of molecular complexes in atmospheric chemistry
abstract ppt,pdf
3:45-4:00 Andrew Pohorille (Code SSX) BioLingua - An Integrated System for Biological Discovery abstract ppt


- - -
4:00-4:15 Tom Roellig (Code SSA)
[Spitzer facility Scientist]
Research Opportunities with the Spitzer Space Telescope
abstract pdf,ppt
4:15-4:30 Nikunj C. Oza (Code TC) Virtual Sensors abstract ppt
4:30-4:45 Stephen Dunagan(Code SGE) MARTE: A Mars Analog Drilling Project to Search for
Subsurface Life at the Rio Tinto, Spain
abstract ppt
4:45-5:00 Rich Keller (Code TI) Semantic Metadata for Scientific Data Access and Management abstract ppt



Other submitted presentations

- Emmett Quigley (SSA) Instrument Development Laboratory - ppt
- Jesse Bregman (SSA) Overview of research in Code SSA abstract ppt
- Bob Morris (Code TC) Coordinated Earth science campaign planning abstract
- Liam Pedersen (Code TC) Multiple-Target Single-Cycle Instrument Placement for Surface Science abstract
- Ross Beyer (Code SST) Digital Elevation Model Creation from Stereo Image Data
for Planetary Surfaces
abstract pdf
- Rich Keller (Code TI) Collaboratories for Remote Instrument Experimentation
and Integrated Data Management
- Rich Keller (Code TI) ScienceOrganizer abstract
- Richard Young (Code SS) Development of a Venus General Circulation Model no-abstract
- Jeffrey Scargle (Code SS) Data Analysis for Astrophysics and Cosmology abstract
- Ali Farhang Mehr (Code TI) Planning and Design of Experiments for
Measurement of Physical Parameters
- Kagan Tumer (Code TC) Agent-Based Distributed Ensembles for Robust Clustering
of Large-Scale Multisensor Data
- Nikunj C. Oza (Code TC) Ensemble Machine Learning Methods abstract
- Smadar Shiffman (Code TC) Mining Patterns from Multi-Instrument Remote-Sensing Data abstract
- Smadar Shiffman (Code TC) Distributed and On-Line Machine Learning in Very Large Datasets abstract
- Robert Mah(Code TC) Spacecraft Navigational Fault Tolerance with Limited Sensing abstract
- Dougal Maclise(Code TC) ITeM Testbed abstract