Electromagnetic Scattering by Particles and Surfaces

Light Scattering by Nonspherical Particles '98

Edited by M. I. Mishchenko, L. D. Travis, and J. W. Hovenier

Special Issue of the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 63, 127-737 (1999)

Table of Contents

M. I. Mishchenko, L. D. Travis, and J. W. Hovenier
Benchmark solutions for electromagnetic scattering by systems of randomly oriented spheroids
I. R. Ciric and F. R. Cooray
Comparison of scattering calculations for aggregated particles based on different models
U. Comberg and T. Wriedt
Convergence of the T-matrix approach for randomly oriented, nonabsorbing, nonspherical Chebyshev particles
J. Ding and L. Xu
Projection schemes in the null field method
A. Doicu, Yu. A. Eremin, and T. Wriedt
New method for computing expansion coefficients for spheroidal functions
H. A. Eide, J. J. Stamnes, K. Stamnes, and F. M. Schulz
A new solution of the light scattering problem from axisymmetric particles
V. G. Farafonov, V. B. Il'in, and T. Henning
The recursive algorithm for electromagnetic scattering by tilted infinite circular multilayered cylinder
I. Gurwich, N. Shiloah, and M. Kleiman
Single expansion EBCM computations for osculating spheres
M. I. Mishchenko and G. Videen
The variational boundary condition method for solving problems of light scattering by nonspherical particles
P. K. Petrov and V. A. Babenko
Discussion of key algorithms for computing scattering cross sections using the separation of variables method for spheroids
W. Qingan, C. Kang, and O. Y. Z. Xiang
Light scattering properties of spheroidal coated particles in random orientation
A. Quirantes
Light scattering by Gaussian particles: Rayleigh-ellipsoid approximation
A. Battaglia, K. Muinonen, T. Nousiainen, and J. I. Peltoniemi
Stokes parameters for light scattering from a Faraday-active sphere
D. Lacoste and B. A. van Tiggelen
Absorption of light by soot particles in micro-droplets of water
V. A. Markel and V. M. Shalaev
Catastrophe optics of spheroidal drops and generalized rainbows
P. L. Marston
Extrema in the light-scattering indicatrix of a homogeneous spheroid
N. V. Shepelevich, I. V. Prostakova, and V. N. Lopatin
Radiative transfer in a layer with oriented spheroidal particles
V. Berdnik and V. Loiko
Enhanced backscatter from monodisperse contaminants on a substrate
J. L. de la Pena, J. M. Saiz, P. J. Valle, F. Gonzalez, F. Moreno, and G. Videen
The dependence of the radiative characterisitics of optically thick media on the shape of particles
A. A. Kokhanovsky and A. Macke
Bidirectional reflectance of flat, optically thick particulate layers: an efficient radiative transfer solution and applications to snow and soil surfacesi
M. I. Mishchenko, J. M. Dlugach, E. G. Yanovitskij, and N. T. Zakharova
Structure of polarization fluctuations and their relation to particle shape
M. C. Pitter, K. I. Hopcraft, E. Jakeman, and J. G. Walker
Shadow-hiding effect in inhomogeneous layered particulate media
D. G. Stankevich, Yu. G. Shkuratov, and K. Muinonen
Heating of a spheroidal particle by intense laser radiation
L. G. Astafieva and V. A. Babenko
Electrooptic effects in dilute suspensions of bacterial cells and fractal aggregates
N. G. Khlebtsov, A. G. Melnikov, V. A. Bogatyrev, and A. I. Sirota
Calculation of extinction and scattering spectra of large spheroidal gold particles embedded in a glass matrix
J. Porstendorfer, K.-J. Berg, and G. Berg
Cirrus cloud top-of-atmosphere radiance spectra in the thermal infrared
R. J. Bantges, J. E. Russell, and J. D. Haigh
Rapid computation of the optical properties of hexagonal columns using complex angular momentum theory
A. J. Baran and S. Havemann
Observations of horizontally oriented ice crystals in cirrus clouds with POLDER-1/ADEOS-1
H. Chepfer, G. Brogniez, P. Goloub, F. M. Breon, and P. H. Flamant
Comparison of microwave radiative transfer calculations obtained with three different approximations of hydrometeor shape
H. Czekala, S. Havemann, K. Schmidt, T. Rother, and C. Simmer
The effects of aspect ratio and surface roughness on satellite retrievals of ice-cloud properties
Q. Han, W. B. Rossow, J. Chou, K.-S. Kuo, and R. M. Welch
Scattering of radiowaves by melting ice particles: an eccentric spheres model
M. P. Ioannidou, D. I. Bakatsoula, and D.P. Chrissoulidis
The Mueller and coherency matrices solution for polarimetric scattering simulation of tree canopy in SAR imaging at C band
Y.-Q. Jin, N.-X. Zhang, and M. Chang
Effect of particle non-sphericity on satellite monitoring of drifting volcanic ash clouds
N. A. Krotkov, D. E. Flittner, A. J. Krueger, A. Kostinski, C. Riley, W. Rose, and O. Torres
Observational evidence for the scattering properties of interplanetary and cometary dust clouds: an update
A. C. Levasseur-Regourd, M. Cabane, and V. Haudebourg
Light scattering by Gaussian, randomly oscillating raindrops
T. Nousiainen and K. Muinonen
Mars aerosol optical thickness retrieved from measurements of the polarization inversion angle and the shape of dust particles
E. V. Petrova
Radar parameters simulation for populations of spherical and non-spherical hydrometeors: dependence on size distributions, shapes and composition
F. Prodi, O. Sturniolo, A. Battaglia, and R. Medini
Infrared emission (500-2000cm-1) of laboratory ice clouds
C. G. Schmitt and W. P. Arnott
Anomalous diffraction theory for arbitrarily oriented hexagonal crystals
W. Sun and Q. Fu

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