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Michael I. Mishchenko

Books on Electromagnetic and Light Scattering

Please note that Dr. Michael I. Mishchenko passed away in July 2020. We do not expect that the information presented on these Electromagnetic Scattering research pages will be updated with new data.

Mishchenko M. I., 2014: Electromagnetic Scattering by Particles and Particle Groups: An Introduction, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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Mishchenko M. I., Ya. S. Yatskiv, V. K. Rosenbush, and G. Videen, Eds., 2011: Polarimetric Detection, Characterization, and Remote Sensing, Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Mishchenko, M. I., V. K. Rosenbush, N. N. Kiselev, D. F. Lupishko, V. P. Tishkovets, V. G. Kaydash, I. N. Belskaya, Y. S. Efimov, and N. M. Shakhovskoy, 2010: Polarimetric Remote Sensing of Solar System Objects, Akademperiodyka, Kyiv.

Mishchenko, M. I., 2007: Electromagnetic Scattering in Discrete Random media: Fundamental Theory and Applications, Kyiv-New York (Habilitation Doctoral Thesis, in Russian)

Videen, G., M. Mishchenko, M. P. Menguc, and N. Zakharova, 2007: Peer-Reviewed Abstracts of the Tenth Conference on Electromagnetic and Light Scattering, 17-23 June 2007, Bodrum, Turkey.

Mishchenko, M. I., L. D. Travis, and A. A. Lacis, 2006: Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles: Radiative Transfer and Coherent Backscattering, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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Videen, G., Ya. Yatskiv, and M. Mishchenko, Eds., 2004: Photopolarimetry in Remote Sensing, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

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Mishchenko, M. I., L. D. Travis, and A. A. Lacis, 2002: Scattering, Absorption, and Emission of Light by Small Particles, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

This book was originally published by Cambridge University Press in June of 2002. The entire print run was sold out in less than 16 months, and the book has been officially out of print since October of 2003. By agreement with Cambridge University Press, this electronic edition is intended to make the book continually available. No significant revision of the text has been attempted; the pagination and the numbering of equations follow those of the original hardcopy edition. However, almost all illustrations have been improved, several typos have been corrected, some minor improvements of the text have been made, and a few recent references have been added.

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  • Chinese edition: National Defense Industry Press, Beijing, 2013. ISBN-10: 7118078506, ISBN-13: 978-7118078503
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Mishchenko, M. I., J. W. Hovenier, and L. D. Travis, Eds., 2000: Light Scattering by Nonspherical Particles: Theory, Measurements, and Applications, Academic Press, San Diego.

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Michael Mishchenko
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