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NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme

NATO Advanced Study Institute
"Special Detection Technique (Polarimetry) and Remote Sensing"

Kyiv, Ukraine
12-25 September 2010

Fourth announcement (06-23-2010)

Application deadline: 15 May 2010

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The goal of the meeting is to present high level tutorial courses and more specialized lectures on the most recent advances in polarimetric detection, characterization, and remote sensing, including military and environmental monitoring as well as terrestrial, atmospheric, and astrophysical characterization. We will present, discuss, and teach techniques developed in various disciplines to acquire information from the polarization signal of scattered electromagnetic waves. We will identify techniques that have been especially successful for various applications as well as the future needs of the research communities. Most of all, it is expected that the inclusion of researchers from various disciplines will lead to cross-pollination of ideas and foster collaborations that will improve research efficiency.


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