Ice Properties and Processes

Contact: Ann Fridlind, Greg McFarquhar, David Mitchell

The mission of the ASR Ice Processes (IcePro) Focus Group is to better characterize the ice physical properties represented in climate models and the processes that depend on them. IcePro is based on establishing a strong linkage between the observations used to characterize ice particle properties and the models with a variety of scales that are needed to investigate how cloud microphysical and radiative properties change with environmental conditions. IcePro focuses not only on quantifying the mean and statistical distributions of ice properties (determined from in situ data) and their linkages to process rates, but also on establishing the uncertainties in ice properties derived from ground truth in situ data and the consequences for associated process rates, parameterizations and model results.


IcePro White Paper (1/30/14)
2014 Fall Working Group Deliverables Presentation (11/19/14)
2014 Fall Working Group Progress Summary (12/5/14)
2014 Fall Working Group Future Plans Summary (12/5/14)


The white paper outlines twelve areas where concrete progress is planned within a five-year time horizon from January 2014. Members of the IcePro group are working in parallel on these interconnected areas. The table below identifies contact points for each project. Additional details are provided in the white paper.

# Deliverable Contact(s) Publication(s)
D1 Development of single-particle databases from in-situ data Greg McFarquhar 1
D2 Characterization of ice property dependence on environmental conditions David Mitchell 1
D3 Radiative closure studies from ISDAC Dan Lubin
D4 Radiative closure studies using data from SGP Eli Mlawer
D5 Impact of improved ice properties on retrievals Xiquan Dong
D6 Ground-based remote sensing techniques to infer ice habit information Xiquan Dong
D7 Upgrade CAM5 microphysics to make it self-consistent Hugh Morrison 1 2
D8 Evaluate high-resolution simulations of MC3E systems Ann Fridlind
D9 Modeling impact of new ice property parameterizations Jerry Harrington 1 2 3
D10 Framework for evaluating ice property uncertainties in models Ann Fridlind 1
D11 Linking ice optical properties with microphysics observations David Mitchell, Greg McFarquhar
D12 Determine gaps in existing ice microphysics databases David Mitchell, Greg McFarquhar