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2020 News and Feature Articles

The Drying U.S. West

Map of US groundwater wetness percentile

A serious drought has flared up across half of the United States — a familiar story for the past two decades.

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A Destructive Abundance

A portion of GOES-16 hurricane image

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was supercharged, and not just in raw numbers.

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Making Sense of "Climate Sensitivity"

A portion of a global temperature trends map

GISS scientists answer questions about a new study that narrows the range of uncertainty in future climate projections.

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NASA Scientists Explore Venus Habitable Climate Scenarios at NCCS

Images of modern and paleo Venus

GISS scientists leveraged NASA supercomputing resources for several months to model a hypothetical climate history for Venus over the past 4.2 billion years.

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Another Intense Summer of Fires in Siberia

Satellite imagery of smoke over eastern Siberia

Following an active 2019 season, fires in 2020 have again been abundant, widespread, and have produced abnormally large carbon emissions.

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GISS Scientists Select Best Institute Paper of 2019

Image of journal paper first page

Scientists at NASA/GISS have voted the journal article “Spectral signature of the biosphere: NISTAR finds it in our solar system from the Lagrangian L-1 point” by Barbara Carlson et al. as the top work among 160 research publications by institute staff published in 2019.

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In Memoriam, Dr. Michael I. Mishchenko

Photo of Dr. Mishchenko

NASA/GISS remembers our longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Michael I. Mishchenko (1959-2020).

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Gearing Up for an Active 2020 Hurricane Season

Map showing sea surface temperatures of the US East Coast

Abnormally warm ocean temperatures and a potential La Niña set the stage for an above-average Atlantic hurricane season.

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Heat and Fire Scorches Siberia

Map of Siberia temperature anomaly

Fires are raging in eastern Siberia in the midst of an unusually long-lived heat wave.

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Simulations Probe Sun's Effects on Climate

Image of solar flare

A series of model studies analyzed the effect of the solar cycle and varying solar conditions at all wavelengths.

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A Fiery Month in Zulia

Satellite photo of Lake Maracaibo area

After dry weather parched the soil and vegetation, large fires burned in the northwestern Venezuela state.

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NASA Simulations Explore Habitability of Nearest Exoplanet

Artist's concept of the exoplanet Proxima Centauri b

Powered by the Discover supercomputer, climate simulations incorporated a dynamic ocean to explore the habitability of Proxima Centauri b.

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A Focus on Food Can Help Solve Climate Change

Satellite photo of farmland

Taking a global food system approach to climate change research -- production, supply chains, and consumption -- is a key step in both adapting to and mitigating climate change.

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How Earth Climate Models Help Picture Life on Unimaginable Worlds

Artist's rendering of an exoplanet

Scientists are finding that models developed to study Earth's climate can be used to determine whether exoplanets can support life.

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Growth of a Summer Storm

Satellite photo of Australian storm cloud

Afternoon thunderstorms are a typical phenomenon during summer in Western Australia.

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NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal 2019 Second Warmest Year on Record

Sample global map of climate model temperature data

According to independent analyses, Earth's global surface temperature in 2019 was the second warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880.

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Study Confirms Climate Models are Getting Future Warming Right

Sample global map of climate model temperature data

A new evaluation of global climate models used to project Earth's future global average surface temperature finds that most have been quite accurate.

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