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2020 Tied for Warmest Year on Record, NASA Analysis Shows

Sample global map of climate model temperature data

Globally, 2020 was the hottest year on record, effectively tying 2016, the previous record. Overall, Earth’s average temperature has risen more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1880s.

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Climate Events of 2020 Show How Excess Heat is Expressed on Earth

Satellite image showing fires in the U.S. as Hurricane Sally makes landfall

The events of 2020 are consistent with what models have predicted: extreme climate events such as severe heat waves, larger wildfires and more intense hurricanes are more likely because of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Improving Assessments of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture

Photo of a wheat field

Impact assessments help identify and quantify risks to the world's food supply as well as evaluate sustainable adaptation and mitigation strategies.

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