Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Model Intercomparison Project (ACCMIP)

ACCMIP CMOR Tables and Notes

Updated 19 Dec 2011.

The ACCMIP CMOR Tables supersede the ACCMIP Excel spreadsheets, therefore no new version of the spreadsheet is provided at this time. We hope to be able to improve the table with your comments. (For example, refining of the valid_min and valid_max settings.)


While not exhaustive, the following is a list of some changes since the last spreadsheet:

Version Notes

  • Version 4 tables add the additional simulations Em1930Cl1850 and Em1980Cl1850.
  • Version 3 tables add the new variables vmrch4, cl, clw, cli and albsrfc to monthly table. Hourly and fixed tables are unchanged and version 3 is provided only for consistency.
  • Version 2 tables include RCP6.0 following the conclusion of the Toulouse meeting (2011) to study this RCP in addition to the others given it showed greater differences in emissions than other cases.

General Notes

  • The approximate standard_names in the Excel tables are now either actual (CF1.4) standard names, or absent in the CMOR tables. When no standard_name is used, a suggested name is included in the comments for descriptive purposes or possible future inclusion as an ACCMIP_standard_name. It's expected that these will be refined by the ACCMIP community, as they were not subject to rigorous grammar tests, only based on existing names from other tables.
  • In all cases, underscores (_) were removed from variable short names. In some cases where a CF-standard name was found matching the desired variable, the short name was changed to that matched in the tables from CMIP5 or previous projects (AEROCOM and HTAP). See below.
  • All variables' short names that contained "pom" (total particulate organic matter aerosol) were changed to "oa" versions (total particulate organic matter aerosol) to conform to the CMIP5 tables, and to avoid confusion with "poa" (primary particulate organic matter aerosol). Thus we now have oa and soa, rather than pom and soa.
  • The requirement that fixed grid cell area fields be saved within every data file was deemed an unnecessary bandwidth burden. Therefore, the "cell_measures: area: areacella" was removed from table variables. A fixed areacella file should always be provided, of course (see Time-Independent 2D below), and we request a human-readable explanation of the area file to be used be placed in the global comments metadata of each file.
  • In some cases, the "du" abbreviation had been used for "dust" and these have been expanded to "dust" to conform to CMIP5 tables.

Some other changes and notes include:

Monthly 3D

  • cnvflxup → mcu (switch to variable with standard name)
  • desto3via* → losso3via* (3 variables, just a name change)
  • Note that the 8 zonal mean variables listed in the monthly_2d sheet of the Excel spreadsheets are technically 3D variables with "cell_methods: longitude: mean" in the CMOR table. To be provided with longitude dimension of 1.

Monthly 2D

  • adding two variables that were requested in the ACCMIP Word document but not explained in the spreadsheet: the longwave and the shortwave cloud radiative forcing with reference (fixed) composition, for diagnosis of aerosol indirect effect. Called: lwclrefc and swclrefc.
  • cdr → reffclwtop (switch to variable with standard name)
  • icr → reffclitop (name change to go along with cdr)
  • emisoa → chepsoa (switch to variable with standard name)
  • emiasoa → chepasoa (name change to go along with chepsoa)
  • flashrate (lightning flash rate) units changed from flashes km-2 s-1 to count km-2 s-1
  • Reminder that the "precip" here is "precip amount" in units of kg m-2, (not kg m-2 s-1)
  • Note that wetnh4 is assumed to be wet deposition of NH4 (not NH3+NH4)
  • For the three emissions variables for NMVOCs (emivoc, emiavoc, emibvoc): if a modeling group can not provide the mass flux because a fixed-in-time molecular weight of the mixture of NMVOC tracer(s) is not known, then it is requested submission be made in Kmole m-2 s-1 rather than in kg m-2 s-1 or equivalently kg m-2 s-1 of a species assuming a molecular weight of 1.

Hourly 2D

Reminder that these are to be provided from the lowest altitude model level. If you are unable to submit with full model information (dimensionless coordinate data and required related variables to define the layer), please change the lines in your copy of the hourly table from:
dimensions: longitude latitude alev1 time
dimensions: longitude latitude time
for the variables vmro3, vmrno2, and mmrpm2p5.

Time-Independent 2D

The variable "area" has been renamed areacella, corresponding to the CMIP variable of that name.

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