Air Pollution as a Climate Forcing: A Second Workshop

Agenda, Posters

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List of Poster Paper Presentations

  • N. Bell (NASA/GISS, Columbia Univ): Global air pollution as a climate forcing at 2030
    — Abstract PDF
  • G. de Boer: A Proposed Study on the Interaction Between Aerosols and Arctic Stratocumulus
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (4.9 MB)
  • J.A. Bradbury (U. Mass.): Reconstructing the East Asian Monsoon Response to the 1815 Tambora Eruption; a Test of Model Simulations with Paleoclimate Data
    — Abstract PDF
  • E.A. Deviatova (U. Maryland): Analysis of WMONEX Data to Quantify Ozone in East Asia
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PPT (9.1 MB)
  • R. Elleman (U. Washington): Community Multiscale Air Quality Model
    — Abstract PDF
  • D. Grass (Columbia Univ): Partitioning the Effects of Weather and Air Pollution on Human Mortality in Santiago, Chile: 1988-1996
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (360 kB)
  • Y. Huang (Georgia Tech): Assessment of Direct and Indirect effects of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Regional Climate over East Asia Using a Coupled Regional Climate-Chemistry-Aerosol Model
    — Abstract PDF
  • J.T. Kelly (UC Davis): Thermodynamics of carbonates and hydrates related to heterogeneous reactions involving mineral aerosol
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (140 kB)
  • J.T. Lin (UIUC): Analyses of Emission Datasets Used in Global and Regional Chemical Transport Models
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (220 kB)
  • R.I. Matichuk (U. Colorado): Evolution of the Optical Properties of Smoke Plumes From Biomass Burning in a Three-Dimensional Transport Model and Comparisons to In Situ and Remote Sensing Observations From SAFARI 2000
    — Abstract PDF
  • T. Matsui (Colorado St.): Satellite-based Assessment of Marine Low Cloud Variability Associated with Aerosol, Atmospheric Stability, and the Diurnal Cycles
    — Abstract PDF
  • R.R. Michelsen (NASA/ARC): Ethanol as a Fuel Component: Effect on Aerosol Composition
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (210 kB)
  • V. Naik (Princeton): Attribution of regional radiative forcing due to tropospheric ozone: A step towards climate credit for reductions in emissions of ozone precursors
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (610 kB)
  • M. Sarofim (MIT): The Role of Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases in Climate Policy: Analysis using the MIT IGSM
    — Abstract PDF
  • S. Spak (U. Wisc.): A Comparison of Statistical and Dynamical Downscaling for Surface Temperature in North America
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (1.8 MB)
  • R. Volkamer (MIT): DOAS measurement of glyoxal as an indicator for fast VOC chemistry in urban air
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (410 kB)
  • H. Yang (Princeton Univ.): The Transformation of Black Carbon Aerosols from Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic and the Global Distribution
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PDF (610 kB)
  • M. Zhou (Georgia Tech): Combined Impact of Aerosol Properties, Surface Properties and Clouds
    — Abstract PDF, Poster PPT (790 kB)

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