Land Surface Modeling: A Mini-Workshop

2. Workshop Agenda

R. Dickinson (physical science perspective)
J. Foley (biological science perspective)
Traditional land surface modeling: SVATS
R. Koster (subgrid variability, topography in LS models)
C. Rosenzweig (GISS land surface model)
G. Bonan (NCAR, LSM perspective)
M. Stieglitz (modeling snow in land surface models)
D. Robinson (observations to evaluate snow models)
E. Wood (PILPS-lessons; plans/advice)
Present Focus
A. Friend (dynamic vegetation modeling)
M. Coe (integrated surface-water model)
E. Matthews (model evaluation, relevant global data)
Future Directions
C. Field (CASA biogeochemical model)
J. Hansen, E. Matthews (methane trends/sources)
R. Avissar (A higher-order SVAT scheme for GCMs)
Plenary Discussion
Research and Modeling Priorities
Validation and Other Data Sets
Mechanisms for Interaction and Collaboration

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