New York Workshop on Computer, Earth, and Space Sciences


Final update on Feb. 19, 2009.

The full agenda with abstracts is also available as PDF document.

Time Speaker Title Abstract Presentation (*)
9:00-9:30 Everyone Viewpoints Demo, Coffee and Setup Text -
9:30-10:00 Michael Way (NASA/GISS) Workshop Introduction and Talk on Gaussian Process Regression Text pdf
10:00-10:20 Liu Jingchen (Columbia - Stat) Efficient Simulation For Tail Probabilities Of Gaussian Random Fields Text pdf, ppt
10:20-10:40 Michael Blanton (NYU - Physics) Interpretation of the images of galaxies Text pdf
10:40-11:00 Mike Bauer (NASA/GISS) Why Weather Matters to Climate Models Text pdf, key
11:00-11:20 Zoltan Haiman (Columbia - Astro) Can You Spot Dark Energy in a Map With 100 Million Pixels? Text pdf
11:20-12:10 Kevin Knuth - Invited Speaker Automating the Scientific Method Text pdf, ppt
12:10-12:50 LUNCH BREAK with robot demo by Kevin Knuth - -
12:50-1:40 Alexander Gray - Invited Speaker How to do Machine Learning on Massive Astronomical Datasets Text pdf, ppt
1:40-2:00 Sunil Bhaskaran (Lehman College) Integrating Hyperspectral Data and GIS data Text pdf
2:00-2:20 Jo Bovy (NYU - Physics) Inferring the velocity distribution of nearby stars from Hipparcos data Text pdf
2:20-2:40 Arlin Crotts(Columbia - Astro) Image Subtraction in Astrophysics Text pdf, ppt
2:40-3:00 Ji Meng Loh (Columbia - Stat) The Marked Point Bootstrap Text pdf
3:00-3:20 Caleb Scharf (Columbia - Astrolab) Challenges in understanding the formation of planetary systems Text pdf
3:20-3:40 Benjamin Herman (CCNY) Stochastic Monte Carlo methods for non-linear statistical inverse problems Text pdf, ppt, avi
3:40-4:00 David Hogg (NYU - Physics) Automated calibration, or generating and trusting astronomical meta-data Text pdf
4:00-4:20 Jianting Zhang (City College - Comp Sci) Correlations btwn Beta Diversity & Productivity Variations using NASA MODIS Text pdf
4:20-4:40 Jackie Faherty (AMNH - Astro) The Brown Dwarf Kinematics Project Text pdf, pptx,
movie1, movie2, movie3
4:40-5:00 Rui Castro (Columbia - EE) Distilled Sensing: Active sensing for sparse recovery Text pdf, ppt
5:00-5:20 David Schminovich (Columbia - Astro) One trillion time-tagged photons Text pdf, key
5:20-5:40 Bodhisattva Sen (Columbia - Stat) Separating signal from background Text pdf

* pdf=Portable Document Format
* ppt=Microsoft Powerpoint 2004 or earlier
* pptx=Microsoft Powerpoint 2008 or later
* key=Apple Keynote
* avi/movie=Apple Quicktime compatible movie