Sea Ice Modeling: A Mini-Workshop

3. Workshop Agenda

  Presentation Speaker
Introductory Session
(Chair: J. Morison; Rapporteur: M. Steele)
    Welcoming Remarks J. Hansen
    Objectives: View from NASA Polar Program Office S. Gogineni
    Recent Oceanographic Evidence for Arctic Change M. Steele
    Contrasting the Arctic and Antarctic D. Martinson
    Role of Sea Ice in Global Climate: The View from Climate Models D. Rind
    Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) Objectives J. Morison
Sea Ice and Climate Processes
(Chair: W. Large; Rapporteur: M. Serreze)
    Polar Process Studies J. Curry
    Arctic Processes Analyzed from Data and Reanalysis M. Serreze
    Sea Ice Albedo: Temporal Evolution and Spatial Variability T. Grenfell for D. Perovich
    Sea Ice Albedo Parameterization in Global Models T. Grenfell
Sea Ice Modeling Appropriate for Global Models
(Chair: R. Bleck; Rapporteur: G Schmidt)
    Overview G. Flato
    Commentary: What's Important in Dynamical Sea Ice Models B. Tremblay
    Sea Ice in GISS Global Climate Model G. Russell
    The POLES coupled global sea-ice-ocean model J. Zhang
    Sea Ice in LANL Global Climate Model E. Hunkee/W. Lipscomb
Sea Ice Modeling — Continuation
(Chair: R. Bleck; Rapporteur: L. Nazarenko)
    Arctic Change and Antarctic Circumpolar Wave: High Resolution Modeling Y. Zhang
    Antarctic Sea Ice and Ocean Modeling A. Stoessel
    Sensitivity of a Global Ocean Model to Sea Ice Parameterization M. Holland
    Modeling the Sea Ice Thickness Distribution for Climate C. Bitz
Global Sea Ice Data Sets
(Chair: J. Hansen; Rapporteur: C. Parkinson)
    Sea Ice Change in the Twentieth Century J. Walsh
    Rationale and Status of Sea Ice Specification in GISST Data Set N. Rayner
    Intertangling of Sea Ice and SST Data Sets T. Smith/R. Reynolds
    Sea Ice Cover Change from Satellites: How Good Is It? C. Parkinson/D. Cavalieri
    Sea Ice Motion from Satellites: How Good Is It? R. Kwok/T. Liu
    NSCAT and SSM/I Data: Comparisons with Models A. Liu
Summary Discussion
    Priorities for Sea Ice in Coupled Models P. Stone and R. Bleck
    An Atmosphere Perspective P. Stone
    An Ocean Perspective R. Bleck
    Improving Sea Ice Representation in Global Models W. Large
    Measurement Priorities J. Francis

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