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Air Pollution as a Climate Forcing: A Workshop

Day 3: Technologies: Potential to Reduce Emissions

Note: All figures in the abstracts are thumbnails; click to view larger versions. PDF presentations require a copy of the free Acrobat Reader to be read.

Stationary Source Control and Demand-Side Management

  • Terry Surles: Overview of potential emission reductions (PPT presentation, 3.7 MB)

Power Generation and Industrial Sources

Mobile Source Control and Emission Control Case Studies

Case Studies of Air Pollution Emission Controls

Panel Discsussion

  • Are technologies available and practicable for reduction of relevant global air pollution (especially BOCs, O3, O3 precursors including CH4, CO, NOx, and VOCs), and what are the "co-benefit" implications for CO2?
    What information/research is needed to better address this issue?

Panel Discussion

  • What are real-world expectations based on the case studies for different cities, states, and countries? Are there discrepancies with the conclusions of the preceding panel discussion?
    What information/research is needed to better address this issue?

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