Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project

CFMIP/WCRP/ICTP Conference on Cloud Processes, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity

The Conference on Cloud Processes, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity will be held 4-7 July 2016 at the International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. For more information about the ICTP, please see the visitors' info page.

Aerial photo of ICTP

This CFMIP/WCRP/ICTP international conference will focus on the theme of the WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity, in addition to addressing other ongoing CFMIP activities.

The four-day conference will contain oral and poster sessions on:

  • Modeling and observational constraints on cloud feedbacks, adjustments and climate sensitivity, including the role of moist convection in cloud feedbacks
  • Cloud/circulation/precipitation coupling and its variability in present and future climates, including hydrological extremes and ITCZ and storm track changes.
  • Process based evaluation of clouds and cloud controlling factors in climate models using fine scale models and observations, including satellite simulators.
  • How will the organization of cloud systems interact with climate change?
  • Coordination of CFMIP and Grand Challenge activities with CMIP6.

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Abstract Submission - Oral and poster abstract submission deadline has passed.

Meeting Agenda (PDF, final version, 2016-07-01)

Steering Committee:

+ Adrian Tompkins (ICTP, Italy)
+ Mark Webb (MetOffice, UK),
+ Chris Bretherton (Univ. Washington, USA)
+ Anna Pirani (IPCC WGI TSU, France)
+ George Tselioudis (NASA/GISS, USA)
+ Bjorn Stevens (MPI, Germany)
+ Sandrine Bony (LMD/IPSL, France)
+ Masahiro Watanabe (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
+ Steve Klein (LLNL, USA)
+ Jennifer Kay (Univ. Colorado, USA)

For more information, please contact George Tselioudis or Adrian Tompkins.

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