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New York City Research Initiative

Learning Units Developed by Dr. Paul Marchese (Queensborough Community College)

All units here are intended for Grades 7-12.

1. How do we calculate the mass of a planet?

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A hands on activity to look at the relationship between centripetal force and other externals forces. We will then calculate the mass of different objects in the solar system.

2a. What is density?

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This will be a hands-on activity having students determine the density of different objects.

>2b. Planetary Density

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Will look at the density of planets and discuss what that tells us about planets.

3a. Magnets and Magnetic Fields

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How to create a magnet. What is a magnetic field? What effect to magnetic fields have on charged particles?

3b. Planetary Magnetic Fields

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Will look at the magnetic fields (or lack of) of planets: What does this tell us about the interior of the planet? What effect does this have on the surface of the planet?

4. The Sun and Solar Wind

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A brief description of the sun and the solar wind. How does the solar wind affect the planets?

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