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New York City Research Initiative

Learning Units Developed by Joseph S. Miles & Siva Thangam (Stevens Institute of Technology)

All units here are intended for Grades 11-12.

Systems Engineering Design Methodology

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With examples utilizing Advanced Vehicles for Space Transportation

Engineering design is a more advanced version of a problem solving technique that many people use routinely. The general procedure for solving real everyday problems is straightforward: A problem is encountered, information about the problem is obtained, alternate solutions are formulated, and the best alternative is adopted. Some problems are so straightforward and solutions so obvious that people solve those problems without being consciously aware of the specific steps in the process. We have organized this Learning unit into four modules, starting with an introductory segment followed by examples.

A Robot Analysis and Construction (ROBOCON) Project

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ROBOCON is a unit of lessons guiding students and teachers through the process of building science, mathematics, and engineering concepts utilizing LEGO materials and computer programming skills in the framework of ROBOLAB software. The first learning module focuses on providing a basic grasp of robotics from a historical and applications perspective. The following two modules provide a brief introduction to Lego Robot concepts and a step-by-step approach on construction and programming of a commercially available Lego robot for a non-gripper (or non-prehensile) competition based activity.

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