GISS Graduate Study Advisors

Dr. Michael J. Puma

Research Scientist

+ Columbia University, Center for Climate Systems Research
+ Columbia University, Center for Climate and Life
+ NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Global Food Security, Hydroclimatology, Network Science, Complex Systems

Research Statement:
The research topic that fascinates me most is global food security, especially the exploration of how susceptible the global food system is to disturbances. More generally, I’m interested in understanding the limits to predictability of complex systems, as we need fundamentally different approaches for problems that are sensitive to non-predictable extremes. I also work on understanding land-atmosphere interactions in the Earth's climate system (with a focus on agriculture and more generally on vegetation/soil properties) as well as for exoplanets.

Graduate students; undergraduate students

Possible Student Projects:
+ Analysis of shocks to the global food system
+ Exploring the links between food production disruptions and migration (at the national and global scales)
+ Impacts of agriculture in the climate system (using the GISS climate model)
+ Investigating the link between soil water and habitability on exoplanets using a coupled climate model

Further Information:
+ Publications bibliography
+ Bio-CV (NASA/GSFC website)

Dr. Michael J. Puma, Columbia University, Center for Climate Systems Research, 2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

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