GISS Graduate Study Advisors

Dr. Bastiaan van Diedenhoven

Research Scientist

+ Columbia University, Center for Climate Systems Research
+ NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Remote sensing of cloud and aerosol properties; Optical properties of cloud and aerosol particles; Radiative transfer.

Research Statement:
My research focuses on the remote sensing of clouds using satellite and aircraft measurements. I develop techniques to infer cloud properties such as cloud height, ice crystal size and shape, relative amount of ice and liquid. I am also interested in the remote sensing of aerosol properties, especially in the case of dust. One goal is gaining statistics on the natural variability of cloud and aerosol properties and its link to varying atmospheric conditions. Such relationships are needed to inform climate model improvements. I am also interested in improving the representation of optical properties of clouds and aerosols in models.

Graduate students; undergraduate students

Possible Student Projects:
+ Development of a universal method for deriving the vertical variation of ice particle sizes from various sensors.
+ Improving methods to derive ice particle shape from remote sensing measurements
+ Constraining light absorption by dust using multiple satellite remote sensing products
+ Developing a method to infer the relative contribution of ice and liquid in mixed-phase clouds
+ Applying advanced ice optical properties parameterizations to cloud and climate models.

Further Information:
+ Publications bibliography
+ Bio-CV (NASA/GSFC website)

Dr. Bastiaan van Diedenhoven, Columbia University, Center for Climate Systems Research, 2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

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