Columbia University Graduate Study at NASA/GISS

Graduate Advisors

Following is a partial list of scientists available to advise students in the Columbia University graduate program at NASA/GISS. Please contact Dr. Ron Miller to inquire about other advisors and possible fields of study, as well as general information about the graduate program in atmospheric sciences at NASA/GISS.

Susanne E. Bauer
Research Physical Scientist

Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosols, Air Quality

Allegra N. LeGrande
Research Physical Scientist

Abrupt climate change, Paleoclimate modeling, Explosive volcanism modeling, Water isotope simulations

Dorothy M. Peteet
Senior Research Scientist

Paleoecology and Paleoclimate, Carbon Cycle

Michael J. Puma
Research Scientist

Global Food Security

Anastasia Romanou
Research Physical Scientist

Climate and Oceans, Ocean Modeling, Carbon Cycle

Alexander C. Ruane
Research Physical Scientist

Climate Impacts, Climate Interactions with Agriculture

Konstantinos Tsigaridis
Research Scientist

Atmospheric composition, Aerosols, Climate modeling, Biogeochemical cycles

Bastiaan van Diedenhoven
Research Scientist

Remote Sensing; Optical Properties of Cloud and Aerosol Particles

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