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Ask a Scientist

We greatly appreciate the interest that schools and teachers have in contacting our scientists to discuss the science we do. Regrettably, we are unable to respond individually to students trying to complete assignments on the general topic of climate change. Students and teachers are encouraged to visit the following linked webpages for questions and answers about climate studies and other topics of interest.

Ask a NASA Scientist

From Science@NASA, this page allows students to ask participating NASA and other Federal Agency scientists specific questions. Answers to many past questions are available.
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Climate Kids

A kid and student-friendly website dealing with issues related to climate change. A good resrouce for lower level students.a
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Global Climate Change, Vital Signs of the Planet

The Climate.NASA website is an excellent resource for all audiences for issues related to climate change. The site includes an FAQ page with answers for common questions.
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Teachers wishing to organize class visits from our scientists (whether locally in person, or via video conference) should contact the GISS education officer, Mr. Matthew Pearce.

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