Visitors' Information

The information provided here is for the use of scientists, conference attendees, and others invited to visit NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Please note that GISS is a relatively small research laboratory with no visitors' facility. Because of that and because of government security regulations, we cannot otherwise grant access to members of the public. We do not offer tours of the institute.

GISS is located in New York City at 2880 Broadway, at the intersection of Broadway and West 112th St. in the Morningside Heights (Columbia University) neighborhood of Manhattan. Right at the corner on the first floor of our building is Tom's Restaurant, a diner which you will likely recognize if you have watched the TV program Seinfeld. The entrance to the GISS offices is just a few steps east along 112th St. from the corner. Signs at this entrance identify the building as Armstrong Hall and the alternative address as 545 West 112th St.

Persons who are not U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents and who may be planning a visit to GISS require that special arrangements be made. Please co-ordinate with your GISS host on this at least three weeks before your visit.

Due to implementation of the REAL ID Act (2005), a state driver's license or identification card, passport, or other federally accepted identification is required for admittance to the GISS premises, which is considered a federal facility. Please note that we expect that in May 2025 a state-issued license or ID will need to be REAL-ID compliant in order to be accepted.

All visitors can expect to have their bags searched upon entry to GISS. This may include having to answer questions about personal items, including any medication the visitor may be carrying.

Please contact contract project manager John Barbara if you require further information.

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Snowy photo of Armstrong Hall
GISS at the end of the Blizzard of 2006.

Nighttime of Armstrong Hall
Evening at the corner of Broadway and 112th.