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Columbia University: Associate Research Scientist in Cloud Physics & Remote Sensing

The Center for Climate Systems Research in the Earth Institute of Columbia University seeks applicants for an Associate Research Scientist position. This appointment is full-time and located at the Columbia University Morningside campus.

The Associate Research Scientist (ARS) will conduct satellite remote sensing data analyses that will help evaluate the performance of global climate model parameterizations, diagnose their dependence on atmospheric state, and constrain their predictions of low cloud feedbacks and climate sensitivity. The ARS will use active remote sensing data from the CALIPSO and CloudSat satellites to study the properties of subtropical shallow cumulus and stratocumulus clouds in a variety of large-scale environments. The goal is to use these analyses to evaluate simulations of low clouds in the GISS global climate model and to asses the fidelity of the model's projections of low cloud changes in climate warming scenarios. The ARS will be expected to perform original research, present the results of the research at scientific meetings, and publish first-author papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Minimum qualifications: Ph.D. in atmospheric science or similar field and 2 years post Ph.D. related research experience. Expertise in cloud physics and remote sensing and a willingness to become involved in cloud parameterization evaluations are required.

Strong mathematics and programming skills are also a requirement. Strong candidates will have prior experience with active remote sensing cloud datasets and emerging issues in the science of cloud feedback. S/he will be interested in bridging the gap between observations and modeling in meaningful ways.

For information on how to apply for this position, including required application documents, please see the Columbia RAPS recruitment posting.

Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

Posted 2018-04-10. Open until filled.

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