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If you have a question to ask about GISS research or employment, or this website, please consider the following contact options:

Many research and dataset pages on the GISS website list a specific contact name and address. Please doublecheck for such before proceeding further.

  • Media inquiries about GISS research should be addressed to the Goddard Space Flight Center Office of Communications. Inquiries regarding Earth science research should be addressed to Peter Jacobs.
  • Questions about the Goddard Institute Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP) should be addressed to Dr. Reto A. Ruedy.
  • Inquiries regarding internships and other high school and undergraduate educational opportunities should be addressed to Matthew Pearce.
  • Inquiries regarding postdoctoral research opportunities at GISS via Columbia University should be addressed to Xiaoming Haugh.
  • Inquiries regarding other mission support (e.g., computer programming) openings as contractor staff should be addressed to John Barbara.
  • Reports of website problems, from typos on up to server errors, can be sent to the Webmaster.
  • Other inquiries may be sent to the Webmaster, who will forward the message as appropriate.

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