Panoply netCDF, HDF and GRIB Data Viewer

Version History

The current version of Panoply is 4.5.1 released 2016-05-31.

Version 4.5.1: Released 2016-05-31.

  • Bugfix: Plot title too low if subtitle also present.
  • Bugfix: (OS X) Crash at launch if JRE not found in expected location.
  • Further improved recognition and handling of lon-lat data using 3D auxiliary grids.
  • Bugfix: Click-for-info on non-lon-lat 2D plots had redundant margin offset.
  • Bugfix: Wrong coordinate var might be reported if correct var's name did not case-wise match dimension name.

Version 4.5: Released 2016-04-20.

  • Bugfix: Speckling effect in interpolated plots of data on reduced horizontal grid.
  • Click-for-info now implemented for plots based on data on reduced horizontal grid.
  • Data table tab panel now displays values for data on reduced horizontal grid.
  • Added ability to plot ISCCP equal-area grid abased on similarities to CF reduced horizontal grid convention.
  • Bugfix: Possible axes swap for swath data in HDF-5 datasets if using unnamed dimensions of equal length.
  • Refactored variable coordinates analysis to reduce redundant code and to improve detection of georeferencing when not reported by NJ library code.
  • Bugfix: CPT color tables with unparseable color data were not rejected, which caused later trouble when trying to use them.
  • Revised handling of colorbar tick size menu choices.
  • Contour label text scales with plot size similarly to other text.
  • Bugfix: Possible (silent) null pointer exception when using link dialog with a combination plot.
  • Thoroughly rewrote line plot code to better display data with a large number (> 1000) of steps on the plot axis. Implemented Ramer-Douglas-Peucker simplification for the case of there being a very large number (> 10000) of steps.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.5.
  • Library: (OS X) Updated Java OS X launcher to March 16 Infinite Kind appbundler commit.
  • Bugfix: Gridding bounds did not reset when toggling from zonal average plot to a regional map plot.
  • Implemented additional buffering to reduce plot redraws and improve interface response.
  • CPT color table constructor uses min and max colors for below-min and above-max outliers iff no outlier colors defined in file.
  • Bugfix: Floating-point error of order 1E-8 when interpolating between four points with identical value.

Version 4.4.3: Released 2016-02-29.

  • Bugfix: "All files" filter not working in open-file chooser for non-OS X systems.
  • Bugfix: Localization problem when saving extra map projection parameters to preferences.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.4.
  • Bugfix: Grid labels for generic 2D displayed default values even if user chose alternative units.
  • Additional ability to detect data on auxiliary lon-lat grid even if NJ library failed to dtect a coordinate system.
  • Bugfix: Possible silent failure to report presence of variables in HDF-5 datasets if they used unnamed dimensions.

Version 4.4.2: Released 2016-01-31.

  • Refactored filechooser construction and (OS X) replaced JNI/libpanoply native library with more general JNI/libgiss.
  • Added control to change data table display row and column titles from grid value to grid index.
  • Bugfix: Display of 1D data table did not respond to flip-L/R control.
  • Display of 1D data table modified to match vertical vs horizontal plot axis orientation.
  • Improved handling of lon-lat data using 3D auxiliary grids.
  • Added tests for data axes that are not monotonic, and therefore not suited to be plotted by Panoply.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.3.

Version 4.4.1: Released 2015-12-30.

  • Bugfix: Printf code result could be incorrect if "" format used and the formatted number was larger than 1E7.
  • Added "Use Default" buttons to X and/or Y grid axis range controls for various plot types.
  • Tweaked determination of time format string used in independent dimension controls.
  • Added control for weight of border on lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Change in lon-lat map projection could be double-fired.
  • Restored drag-and-drop functionality of colorbars and overlays from desktop into plot windows and into colorbar and overlay browsers.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.2
  • Bugfix: Zoom-out action might not be enabled for map plots when it should be.

Version 4.4.0: Released 2015-12-10.

  • Bugfix: Possible thread deadlock when drag-and-dropping color table file icon from desktop into color table prefs panel.
  • Optionally include scale colorbar when exporting KMZ file of map plot.
  • Bugfix: Line plot elements could be drawn outside scroll panel if plot larger than plot window size.
  • Pressing delete in sources browser invokes remove action (if enabled) for selected node.
  • Refactored all 2D plot types and backing data grids (except lon-lat maps) to simplify and reduce redundant code.
  • Added vertical line plotting.
  • Refactored horizontal line plotting to share common code with vertical line plotting.
  • Refactored all scale controls to reduce redundant code.
  • Horizontal line plots may have logarithmic scale.
  • Added menu options for controlling width of central plot area relative to total width, allowing for wider left and right margins.
  • Bugfix: Size of logarithmic ticks on a scale colorbar did not scale with plot size.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.1.
  • Added link button to grid-spacing controls for lon-lat map plot.
  • Include labeled sample stroke in lon-lat zonal average line plots.
  • Removed (optional) inclusion of map projection footnote from lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Array combinations in line plots could only be created using drag-and-drop.

Version 4.3.2: Released 2015-11-03.

  • Bugfix: CPT color table handler ignored background and foreground (i.e., outlier) color definitions if present.
  • Bugfix: Array construction failed for generic 2D plots of HDF data with unnamed dimensions of equal length.
  • Bugfix: Continued decimal character localization problem with some map projection parameter settings.
  • Lon-lat vector plots may be made combining component variables of magnitude and azimuth.
  • Bugfix: Right edge of map plots of projected-grid data might show a strip of missing data where there is good data.

Version 4.3.1: Released 2015-09-29.

  • Refactored messaging from plot controls of changes to X- and Y-axis method and range settings.
  • Bugfix: Y-axis top value could not be less than bottom value for line plots.
  • Bugfix: Possible thread conflict when exporting an animation of a plot with contours.
  • Added preference option to disable sorting items in Sources datasets panel alphabetically.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.3.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.8.0.
  • Bugfix: Sources tree-table did not show/hide structure variables in respond to change of visible variable setting.

Version 4.3.0: Released 2015-08-24.

  • Bugfix: Save-image always invoked save-image-as file dialog.
  • Bugfix: Symbol size for point shapefile map overlays did not scale with plot size.
  • Bugfix: Save dialog not showing suggested file name when first constructed.
  • Bugfix: Search for coordinate variables when constructing plot could quietly fail if null dimension encountered.
  • Improved clean-up of canceled tasks, e.g., halting an animation export before completion.
  • Refactored color table and map overlay management, moving code into GISSutils and GISSmap libraries.
  • Added ability to save PS and PDF plot graphics in fully vectorized form rather than as a combination of vector art and bitmap. This option must be enabled via the preferences.
  • Output "paper size" for saved PS and PDF graphics may be specified via preferences. Default is "US Letter".
  • Bugfix: Drawing of vector lon-lat plot could be blocked for exceptional combinations of map projection parameters and plot size.
  • (OS X) Replaced Quaqua filechooser with native file dialog called via JNI/libpanoply.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.5.
  • Longitude and latitude grid spacing may have different values on map plots.

Version 4.2.2: Released 2015-06-29.

  • Bugfix: Vertical axis controls not visible in grid controls tab for lat-vert and lon-vert plots.
  • Library: Upgraded Apache Commons Lang to v. 3.4.
  • Added controls and prefs to select stroke style for map plot outline overlays.
  • Added long-dash, dot-dash and mixed-dash patterns to stroke style choices.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.2.
  • Bugfix: Handling of overlay weight > 100 if overlay is a mask.
  • Added ability to read azimuthal equidistant grid mappings for lon-lat data if tagged using CF convention.
  • Allow grid mapping name "rotated_latlon_grib" for rotated-pole projected grid.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.3.
  • Height of core plot area may be changed to allow for plots with height:width ratios other than the standard 1:2.

Version 4.2.1: Released 2015-05-29.

  • Added option and preference to omit sample vector from alongside scale colorbar when making vector plots.
  • Fit-to-data for zonal average plot uses min and max of zonal averages rather than min and max of all data.
  • Bugfix: (OS X) Open-file dialog might appear even if app launched via doubleclick on a dataset icon.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.1 (final).
  • Doubled maximum allowed grid, contour and overlay line weights to 200%.
  • Added capability to link matching dimensions when making a combined-variable plot so that changing the setting of one variable's dimension appropriately changes the setting of the other variable's dimension.
  • (Win) Added "universal" Windows version which should better adapt to computer's available memory.

Version 4.2.0: Released 2015-04-30.

  • Converted find feature in sources window from a modal dialog to a text field in the window layout.
  • Bugfix: Animation export might fail with bad compressor key for QuickTime with quality 100%.
  • Variable "slicer" rewritten to omit pop-up menu widget if dimension is overly long (i.e., > 1200 steps).
  • Bugfix: Test for correct shape of auxiliary lon-lat coordinate bounds variable missed a possible false case.
  • Bugfix: Time-date formatter mysteriously switching relative time units with explicit UTC timezone to display as "Antarctica/Troll" zone.
  • Implemented plotting of lon-lat data on a 3D auxiliary grid for very specific cases of identifying metadata, notably the case of the third grid dimension being explicitly identified as "band" (e.g., a satellite sensor wavelength).
  • Added time-vert plots.
  • Refactored grid controls for all 2D plot types except lon-lat maps to minimize redundant code.
  • Check for wraparound of lon-lat reduced horizontal grid to see if interpolation should cross "seam" between edges.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.1 snapshot. This should allow for opening HDF-5 datasets that use huge attributes.

Version 4.1.2: Released 2015-03-31.

  • Added control and preference for size of grid labels on cylindric lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Test for valid latitude extrema in lat-vert grid plot controls could silently reject good values.
  • Bugfix: Command-line options were ignored.
  • Bugfix: File chooser did not appear at launch even when required in preferences.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.2.
  • Either or both axes of generic 2D plots may be set to logarithmic.
  • Refactored generic 2D, lat-vert, and lon-vert gridding and plotting to reduce redundant code.
  • Remember Sources window layout between app uses.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.5.5.
  • Bugfix: Cases reported of a localization problem where conversion of numbers to/from text used a different decimal character.
  • Bugfix: Create-plot dialog blocked if variable dimension name was reported null, as might occur in an HDF dataset.

Version 4.1.1: Released 2015-02-09.

  • Bugfix: Class cast error when formatting some relative-time axes values.
  • Added control and preference for size of text labels on plot contour lines.
  • Improved visibility of vector markings.

Version 4.1.0: Released 2015-01-30.

  • A Java 7 JRE or better is now required to run Panoply.
  • Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.5.4.
  • Bugfix: Combine-plot dialog did not list any line-plot windows.
  • Added user controls and preferences for selecting symbols used when marking shapefile overlay points.
  • Allow zoom in and out on map plots using using conic projection.
  • Bugfix: Zoom-out on equirectangular regional map lon-lat plots could partially fail.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.1, allowing for use of point and multipoint shapefiles and load-on-demand input of outline overlays, and adding various two-hemisphere azimuthal projections.
  • Bugfix: Auxiliary 1D lon-lat coordinates might be treated as generic axes.
  • Bugfix: Layout of data display panel blocked when making a line plot and variable has > four dimensions.
  • Bugfix: Plot of lon-lat data on a projected grid appeared coarse if plot area much smaller than input data area.
  • Added control and preference for width of scale color bar relative to width of 2D plot area. Default value is 60%.
  • Library: (OS X) Update Quaqua to latest karlvr fork.

Version 4.0.5: Released 2014-10-17.

  • Eliminated zonal average grid style and weight as separate preferences.
  • Additional options for formatting tick labels on time axes.
  • Bugfix: Click-zoom on equirectangular map lon-lat plots silently failed if click point too close to pole.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.6, allowing for use of shapefiles (*.SHP) as outline overlays on lon-lat map plots.
  • Bugfix: Dashed and dotted lines became solid when plot saved in PS format.
  • Added simplistic find feature to Sources window when datasets panel is visible.
  • Overly long labels and captions are clipped and an ellipsis appended.
  • Combination line plots can be made if variables have an identical axis.
  • Redesigned line plot controls to allow for specifying second stroke if comparing.
  • Combination generic 2D plots can be made if variables have two identical axes.
  • Bugfix: Open-file dialog at launch accepted all understood file types but would try to open color tables and overlays as datasets.
  • Bugfix: Export as CSV or as labeled text was not coded to handle variables with less than two dimensions.
  • Improved performance when exporting variable data as CSV or as labeled text.
  • Show warning dialog for CSV or labeled-text export of large (> 20M elements) variable.
  • Bugfix: Some plot control panels not laid out correctly on (some) Linux look-and-feels.
  • This is the last version of Panoply that will support Java 6.

Version 4.0.4: Released 2014-07-31.

  • Bugfix: Projection footnote in lon-lat plots did not update font size if plot size was changed.
  • Bugfix: A variable with lon and lat dimensions both of length 1 was incorrectly considered geogridded-plottable.
  • Bugfix: When making generic XY plots, watch out for case of either X or Y axis being longitude.
  • Bugfix: Encountered a dataset in which trajectory coordinates were mistakenly identified as auxiliary 1D lon and lat axes.
  • Bugfix: Opening/importing additional map overlays always quietly failed.

Version 4.0.3: Released 2014-06-30.

  • Bugfix: Making line plots was blocked by a bugfix in 4.0.2.
  • Performance improvements for plotting of auxiliary lon-lat grids with relatively large number (> 20M) of cells.
  • Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.5.2.

Version 4.0.2: Released 2014-06-24.

  • Additional improvements to compatibility with multi-screen environment and with large displays.
  • Bugfix: Time-lat and lat-time plots blocked from plotting if variable had no longitude dimension.
  • Bugfix: Axes selectors for generic 2D plots and line plots in plot creation dialog did not watch for un-named variable dimensions, as may occur in HDF datasets.
  • Bugfix: Stereographic projected grid handler did not check for scale factor in grid metadata.
  • Added "King" and "Maximum" to plot size options. King is twice the dimensions of Standard, while Maximum is 2.5 times Standard dimensions.
  • Allow for plotting of any size plot (up to "Maximum"), no matter the size of user's display.
  • Bugfix: Auxiliary lon-lat data gridder did not watch for overly large longitude or latitude values which might indicate cells with no/bad data.

Version 4.0.1: Released 2014-05-28.

  • Replaced old GifEncoder with ImageIO calls.
  • Bugfix: Data on rotated-pole lon-lat grid dropped if rotated longitude dimension had values outside (-180,180) range.
  • Restored ability to save or print image from Color Table Browser.
  • Added controls to array data panel to flip table bottom-to-top and/or left-to-right.
  • Bugfix: Line plot y-axis range could not be changed if scale autofit turned on in preferences.
  • Bugfix: Mask overlays were not rendered transparent where original was white.
  • X-axis tick values for line plots formatted appropriately if detected to be of type relative-time.
  • Allow for choice of zonal average if generic 2D plot has an independent dimension of longitude.
  • Bugfix: Create-plot dialog included singled-valued dimensions amongst possible axes for generic 2D plots and 1D line plots.
  • Bugfix: Grid color set in preferences not applied to new plots.
  • Improved compatibility with multi-screen environment.
  • Library: netCDF-Java updated to v. 4.3.22.

Version 4.0: Released 2014-04-09.

  • Bugfix: Plot min-max initialized to wrong extrema when log-10 scale was specified in preferences.
  • Bugfix: Key command for toggling logarithmic scale did not fire.
  • Refactored lon-lat zonal line plot to better use scale meta class.
  • (OS X) Mac version now requires at least "Java for OS X 10.6 Update 3", released May 2010.
  • Added items to history menu to reopen dataset and catalog most recently opened. (An error dialog appears if dataset or catalog is currently open.)
  • Lon-lat map plots allow for two overlays to be applied.
  • Added .gem, for GEMPAK data files, to list of explicitly recognized dataset types.
  • Bugfix: Negative number error blocked plotting if source array included more than 231 points.
  • Bugfix: Transverse Mercator projected grid handler did not watch for alternative implementation in netCDF-Java library. Also did not doublecheck easting and northing units (i.e., m vs. km).
  • Re-factored gridding for all previously available plot types. Lon-lat plots no longer differentiate between 'coarse' and 'fine' input grids. Input grids are no longer 'flipped' if an axis is not oriented in a specific direction.
  • Grid controls and preferences for all previously available plot types re-organized, and some new options added.
  • Added "generic" 2D plotting for data that is not geo-gridded or which does not follow a well-known metadata convention..
  • Added lon-time and lat-time plots, i.e., Hovmöller diagrams.
  • Added simple line plotting for, e.g., time series.
  • Bugfix: Export CSV and Export Labeled Text commands could fail silently.
  • Bugfix: Periodic preferences autosave was not saving.
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Appearance of JButtons in plot controls.
  • Library: Upgraded GISSmap to v. 1.5.1, allowing for Transverse Mercator (Sphere) and Patterson's Natural Earth projections.
  • Min-max note for lon-lat plots also shows mean value if map projection is global.
  • Added support for UTM projected lon-lat input grids.
  • Library: Upgraded Apache Commons Lang to v. 3.3.
  • Library: Upgraded netCDF-Java to v. 4.3.21.
  • Overhauled handling of color tables and map overlays. Those included in the distribution are now embedded within Panoply code jar rather than supplementary folders.
  • Re-designed Preferences window and added panels for new plot types and for managing imported color tables and map overlays.
  • Able to read NCL Graphics RGB color tables.
  • Bugfix: Color pop-up menus included redundant colors in place of darker choices.
  • Library: (OS X) Upgraded Quaqua to v. 9.1.

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