Panoply netCDF, HDF and GRIB Data Viewer

Download Panoply for Mac OS X

Panoply 4 for Mac OS X requires a computer with a Java SE 7 or 8 runtime environment installed. Panoply 4 will not run on older PowerPC Macs (e.g., a G5) or on 32-bit Intel Macs.

The current version of Panoply is 4.3.2 released 2015-11-03.

Download Panoply

Install and Run Panoply

The Panoply package for Mac OS X folder holds the following items:

  • Double-clickable Panoply application.
  • A README file.

Installing Panoply should just be a simple matter of double-clicking the Panoply.dmg icon on your desktop. Then drag the Panoply application to where you keep applications, probably either your user Applications folder or else the system-wide Applications folder.

To run Panoply on Mac OS X, just double-click on the Panoply application.

The Panoply package will also notify Mac OS X that it can open files with a .nc, .nc4, .hdf, .hdf4, .hdf5, and .grib filename extensions. This means that unless another application has also done so, double-clicking a netCDF, HDF or GRIB file named with an appropriate extension will cause Panoply to launch (if it's not already running) and automatically open the file.

Color Tables and Map Overlays

Beginning with version 4, Panoply's "standard" selection of color tables and map overlays is built into the application. Additional color tables and map overlays may be opened for a single session or added to your favorites library for continued use. See the Panoply website for these optional support files.

For additional scale colorbar palettes, J.J. Green's cpt-city website includes many CPT format files that are compatible with Panoply.

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