Mars24 Sunclock — Time on Mars

Download Mars24 for Windows

The current version of Mars24 is 7.1.0, released 2012-06-30.

Mars24 for Mac OS X requires a computer with a Java SE 7 or 8 runtime environment installed. Mars24 will not run on older PowerPC Macs (e.g., a G5) or on 32-bit Intel Macs.

Download Mars24

Install and Run Mars24

The Mars24 package for Windows comes as a ZIP archive. You must manually extract this archive. Some versions of Windows allow you to run programs from a zipped archive without extraction, but if you try that with Mars24, it won't work.

The Mars24 archive contains a folder called Mars24J which holds the following items:

  • Mars24.exe application.
  • Martian landmarks file "marslandmarks.xml".
  • "Jars" directory containing program code.
  • "Sourcemaps" directory containing extra sample Mars maps.
  • A README file.
  • A subdirectory called "help" which includes user documentation.

To run Mars24, double-click on the Mars24.exe application icon.

Debugging Installation Problems

If you find that after download and installation, Mars24 for Windows won't start, a possible reason might be that you don't have a Java Runtime Engine (JRE) installed on your computer. Go to the website and click on the "Free Download" button.

Note: It is possible to have a Java plugin enabled in your web browser which allows you to run applets, but not have a JRE installed which allows you to run Java applications.