Mars24 Sunclock — Time on Mars

Download Mars24 for Mac OS X

The current version of Mars24 is 7.1.0, released 2012-06-30.

Mars24 for Mac OS X requires a computer with a Java SE 7 or 8 runtime environment installed. Mars24 will not run on older PowerPC Macs (e.g., a G5) or on 32-bit Intel Macs.

Download Mars24

Install and Run Mars24

The Mars24 package for Mac OS X comes as a DMG disk image which can be mounted by doubleclicking on the Mars24OSX.dmg desktop icon. Then just drag the Mars24 folder within to your Application folder.

The folder holds the following items:

  • Mars24 application.
  • Martian landmarks file "marslandmarks.xml".
  • "Sourcemaps" directory containing extra sample Mars maps.
  • A README file.
  • A subdirectory called "help" which includes user documentation.

To run Mars24 on Mac OS X, just double-click on the Mars24 application.