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Math function symbols

Functions like "log" or "cos" are normally used in math mode. However, in math mode strings of letters are treated as a product of variables, which would normally be displayed in math italics rather than a text font which would be appropriate for these functions. To get proper display of such functions they are generated with LaTeX commands.

Some of these commands are

  • \arccos
  • \arcsin
  • \arctan
  • \cos
  • \cosh
  • \cot
  • \coth
  • \csc
  • \deg
  • \det
  • \dim
  • \exp
  • \gcd
  • \hom
  • \inf
  • \ker
  • \lg
  • \lim
  • \liminf
  • \limsup
  • \ln
  • \log
  • \max
  • \min
  • \sec
  • \sin
  • \sinh
  • \sup
  • \tan
  • \tanh

Two commands are provided for the "modulus" function

  • \bmod
  • \pmod{}

The former would be used to write "a mod b" as

    a \bmod b

and the latter, which requires an argument that is displayed in parentheses, would be used to write "n = i (mod j)" as

    n = i \pmod{j}

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Revised 25 April 1995.