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Hypertext Help with LaTeX


The following type style commands are supported by LaTeX. Note that LaTeX2e differs on this point, having instead a Font Selection scheme, but the following should still work (certainly in 2.09 mode).

  • \rm - Roman
  • \it - Italics
  • \em - Emphasis (toggles between \it and \rm)
  • \emph (LaTeX2e emphasis command)
  • \bf - Boldface
  • \sl - Slanted
  • \sf - Sans serif
  • \sc - Small caps
  • \tt - Typewriter

These are LaTeX declarations (with the exception of \emph), i.e., they do not act on an argument, but change the way LaTeX prints the following text. The scope of a declaration is ended by a right brace (}) or an \end{} command whose matching left brace ({) or \begin{} precedes the declaration.

Thus, for a short piece of italics or bold-face text one would use

    This is {\it italics} and this is {\bf in boldface}.

which would be set as "This is italics and this is in boldface.

In LaTeX2e the \emph command is considered more suitable for short stretches of emphasized text. A typical use would be

    This is \emph{emphasized text}.

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