G.Projector — Global Map Projector

The current version of G.Projector is 1.8, released 2015-09-18.

Download G.Projector for Mac OS X

G.Projector for Macintosh requires OS X 10.7 or better with a Java 7 runtime, or better, installed.

Download G.Projector

The download is approximately 8 MB in size.

If you are looking for additional overlay files compatible with G.Projector, any of the optional "outline overlays" available from the Panoply software website may be used.

Install and Run G.Projector

Installing G.Projector should just be a simple matter of double-clicking the icon of the downloaded DMG archive file on your desktop. Then drag the GProjectorOSX folder from the mounted disk image to wherever you prefer to keep applications. This will probably be either your user Applications folder or the system-wide Applications folder.

The G.Projector package holds the following items:

  • Double-clickable G.Projector application.
  • Sample source map images in a folder called "sample_maps".
  • A README file.

To run G.Projector on Mac OS X, just double-click on the G.Projector application.

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