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Workshop on "Remote Sensing Techniques and Instrumentation: International Cooperation"

Kyiv, Ukraine, 4 - 10 October 2003

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The NATO ASI on "Photopolarimetry in Remote Sensing" (Yalta, Ukraine, 20 September - 3 October 2003) will be followed by the workshop on "Remote Sensing Techniques and Instrumentation: International Cooperation." The workshop will take place in Kyiv on 4 - 10 October 2003 and will be coordinated with the Congress of the Ukrainian Astronomical Association (detailed information will be provided later). The Workshop presentations are expected to be at a more advanced level than the NATO ASI tutorials. The program will include tours of the astronomical facilities of the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU).

Scope and Format

The Workshop will focus on the present state and future developments of instruments for photo- and spectropolarimetric remote sensing and related laboratory research. Specific aspects of data processing techniques will also be discussed. We hope that the Workshop with emphasis on experimental techniques and the NATO ASI on "Photopolarimetry in Remote Sensing" will complement each other and will foster communication and interaction between developers of instruments and those dealing with practical applications.
The tentative program covers the following topics:
The Workshop will include invited talks and contributed oral and poster presentations.

Abstract submission

The number of participants of the Workshop is not limited. However, no individual financial support will be provided. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the Application Form and submit a one-page abstract of your proposed talk (optional) using the following templates:
For Word users:    k2003.doc
For Latex users:    k2003.tex
Submit Application form and abstract to Gorden Videen ( and the LOC (

Registration fee

An additional fee will be required of participants in the Workshop. The workshop registration fee for Western participants is $120, and for Western students, it is $80. For participants from former USSR, the registration fee is $5. The amount includes transportation of participations from the airport to the hotel and back and from the hotel to Workshop venue and back, a welcoming reception, coffee break, the closing dinner, lunch and dinner during 3 days of the Workshop, two half-day excursions. Accompanying persons wishing are asked to pay a reduced fee of $30 to cover the tours, conference dinner, and airport transportation. The fee should be paid directly in cash at the Registration Desk upon registration in Yalta or Kyiv.

Limited financial support is available for official delegates of the Ukrainian Astronomical Association meeting.

Social Events

The program includes an informal reception, closing dinner, and an Observatory tour that will include visiting the astronomical facilities of the Observatory. Two excursions are scheduled to visit ancient and modern Kyiv with the most famous sights, and to visit the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. These events will be free of charge for registered participants and registered accompanying persons. Please indicate on the registration form whether you wish to participate in the excursions to help us to estimate the number of excursion participants. Spouses, children, and other companions are also welcome on the tour.


The Workshop will take place at the Main Astronomical Observatory, which is located about 20 km from the city center. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and is the city of rich historical and cultural heritage, theaters, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, and original architecture. There are unique museums such as the St. Sophia Cathedral and Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery included by UNESCO in the list of the most important monuments of the world's cultural heritage as well as many Eastern Orthodox churches and cathedrals. The State Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts exhibits some of the finest works of Ukrainian Avant-garde artists.

Workshop Venue and Facilities

The sessions will take place in the large conference hall of the Main Astronomical Observatory. This facility is located outside the city center, and a shuttle service will be provided. The conference hall is fully equipped with slide, overhead, video, and computer display projectors. There will be a computer center with access to the Internet and an ample poster area for poster presentations.

A number of options are available for accommodation:
Hotel "Kozatckii":  The hotel is located in the city center. Prices per night, inclusive of breakfast, is: First class ~ $100-150; Single Room ~ $50-80; Double Room ~ $60. It is located in the heart of the city and is the recommended hotel for participants.

Other options include th following:
Hotel " Akademichnii ":  This hotel is the main hotel of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. It is located not far away of the city center. Prices per night is: First class ~ $34; Single Room ~ $15; Double Room ~ $23. Inexpensive meals are available in the hotel restaurant and cafe.

Hotel "Theophania":  It is a medium standard hotel of the Institute of Theoretical Physics. The hotel is located far from the city center, but within a reasonable distance from the Workshop venue. Prices per night is: First class ~ $22; Single Room ~ $8; Double Room ~ $12. For full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), a supplement of $10 per person per day must be added.
University Guest Hotel: For participants from former USSR, we propose University Guest Hotel: ~$3-5 per person. A limited number of rooms are also available at the Observatory Guest House.
Hotel bookings will be made through the LOC. This will allow us to arrange group transportation to the Workshop venue. Please indicate your choice in an application form, specifying the name of the participant you wish to share with.


Photos of a first class room in Hotel "Kozatsky" are shown below. Similar rooms are available in "Akademichnii" and "Theophania"


Weather in October is usually variable with day temperatures around 8-15C. However, mornings can be a bit cooler. Rain is often a possibility.


The participants are encouraged to submit full-size versions of their presentations to the special JQSRT issue planned as part of the NATO ASI.

Arrival and Departure:

Kyiv is served by the international airport Boryspil with connections to all major European and several American airports. NATO ASI participants can reach Kyiv from Simferopol by numerous flights (~1.5 hours) and trains (~15 hours). We will provide a shuttle bus between Yalta and Simferopol on the last day of the NATO ASI. Boryspil is located 38 km (24 miles) from downtown Kyiv (detailed information is available at Although downtown hotels can be reached from the airport and the railway station by public buses or taxi, we recommend that you let the LOC know your itinerary in order to arrange group transportation.
For further information, please send an e-mail to
We look forward to seeing you in Kyiv.


We acknowledge the generous support of the Army Research Laboratory European Research Office



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