Last updated March 10, 2003


To be invited,

1. Potential Participants are asked to submit a no-more-than-one-page abstract using the following templates

For Word users:    k2003.doc
For Latex users:    k2003.tex

Please do not modify the characteristics of these templates (fonts, margins, spacing, etc.)!

LATEX users please submit source code (latex file) and the compiled postscript or .pdf files.

2. In addition, please fill out and submit an application form. If you decide to ask for funds, please be aware that these are limited, and that NATO requires a certain percentage of attendees be from partner countries who typically have extreme limitations on their funding. If you are from a NATO member country, support is extremely limited. NATO also requires that supported travel be by the cheapest means possible and we will need copies of receipts, so try to be realistic (train fares, for instance, are posted on the internet). In addition, the ASI is limited to 100 participants and we expect many more applicants.

3. Please email (1) abstract, (2) a CV (no more than five pages) and (3) completed application form as attachments to

Gorden Videen



If there are problems with these email addresses, please send information to Vera Rosenbush or Michael Mishchenko and ask them to forward it.

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