Dr. Gavin A. Schmidt

GCM Help Documents

Introduction to using the GISS GCMs by Gavin Schmidt
Guide for first time users of the GCM. Mostly focussed on the C-grid coupled model, but also relevant for Model II'.
(PDF). ModelE documentation is also available.

The GISS Good Programming Guide by Gavin Schmidt, Jeff Jonas, Jean Lerner, and Reto Ruedy
Tips and instructions for producing cleaner, more efficient code in the GCM.

Using tracer moments within the GISS GCM by Gavin Schmidt and Gary Russell
Guide to implementing higher resolution physics by using the first and second order moments.

Project Muddle

Project Muddle has now turned into ModelE, and so these files below are now obsolete. I leave them here in case anyone cares to check how much progress we actually made (lots).

Basic program for the model renovation project
Overall list of what we are trying to achieve with Project Muddle (including progress reports).
GISS modelE Developers Guide
A summary of how to access, use, and develop the new modelE
Accumulated suggestions for model improvements

If you have any comments, or other files which you would like placed here, please let me know (gavin@giss.nasa.gov).