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Friday, Jul. 10, 2015
11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Friday Seminar
Topic: Recent developments in the quantification of aerosol radiative forcing
Speaker: Nicolas Bellouin (Department of Meteorology, University of Reading)
Abstract: Read More
Contact: Kostas Tsigaridis

Friday Seminar
Speaker: Nicolas Bellouin (Department of Meteorology, University of Reading)
Title: Recent developments in the quantification of aerosol radiative forcing

Abstract: Large uncertainties have affected global quantification of aerosol radiative forcing since the first studies in the 1990s. In this talk, I will first present results of a new uncertainty analysis for the MACC estimates of aerosol radiative forcing (browses and data available at, which shows that uncertainties in aerosol amounts dominate by far total aerosol radiative forcing uncertainty. Uncertainties in aerosol absorption are important for more focused aspects, such as the assessment of the potential benefits of decreasing black carbon aerosol emissions, and I will present how new satellite remote-sensing aerosol products can usefully constrain global aerosol models. Finally, I will discuss the first pieces of evidence for yet another mechanism whereby natural aerosols dampen the impact of interactions between anthropogenic aerosols and clouds.

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