Climate Change in the Classroom

The Climate Change in the Classroom (CCIC) workshops connect secondary classroom teachers across the curriculum with NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University scientists to explore climate change topics, learn about the underlying science, and build a repertoire of strategies and content for teaching students about climate change. The program offers teachers professional development in workshops at GISS designed to build their skills and understandings for teaching about climate change, engaging students in problem-based learning that resembles scientific practice and helping students meet college and career readiness standards.

The core CCIC text is the Hot: One World, One Climate pilot curriculum (undergoing review prior to submission to NASA's Earth Science product process) and also a role-play simulation. CCIC is a spin-off of the former GISS Institute on Climate and Planets, supported by NASA/GISS and Columbia University scientists, NASA's Climate Change Education Program, Real World Matters, and Mindblue Productions.


Please address all inquiries about the Climate Change in the Classroom program to Ms. Carolyn Harris.